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New Study Confirms One Third of Lawyers Have a Problem with Alcohol

lawyerist.com · New Study Confirms One Third of Lawyers Have a Problem with Alcohol · February 5

Inequality is destroying all the markers of adulthood, from home ownership to marriage

the Guardian · The prohibitive cost of housing, unstable job market and stagnating or declining wages are destroying an entire generation, preventing them from attaining the markers of adulthood. · Yesterday

Justice Sotomayor’s misguided advocacy of “forced labor” for lawyers

Washington Post · Andy Ostrowski Zena Denise Crenshaw Connie Reguli The idea of deregulation of the legal profession, from being a radical idea of the few economists, consumers and a very small number of attorneys, just entered the mainstream. · May 20

Wyoming Law Criminalizes Collecting Evidence Of Pollution

reverbpress.com · republican vision for america · May 15, 2015

Bernie is a Girl’s Best Friend

Someone just told me they heard this on a Bernie podcast. Hurray! Glad it is circulating. For all ye Women for Bernie 🙂 #NotMeUs, #FeelTheBern, #StillSanders · Video · YouTube


illuanimated.com · Well, Everyone knows I like Medieval things and the thing I like the most is their sense of humor. · May 22

Welcome to the new feudalism – with Silicon Valley as our overlords | Evgeny Morozov

the Guardian · Jason Read 43 mins · The Guardian · Actually Existing Accelarationism · April 24


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Shahin Najafi – Proletariat [Azərbaycanca alt yazı] پرولتاریات – شاهین نجفی

Иранская левая музыка тоже классная: ..Погибающие под гусеницами танков во время войн, Задушенные банковскими кредитами во время мира: Эксплуатируемый на фабрике – это я! “Чужак” из “чужих” кварталов – это я! Казненный в пять утра курд – это я.. Подвергаемый пыткам белудж или лур – это я… Я – тюрок, у которого отняли родной язык… Я – соль Урмии на кровоточащей ране азербайджанца… · Video · youtube.com

There’s No Such Thing as Free Will

The Atlantic · “’We cannot afford for people to internalize the truth’ about free will. Smilansky is convinced that free will does not exist in the traditional sense—and that it would be very bad if most people realized this. “Imagine,” he told me, “that I’m deliberating whether to do my duty, such as to parachute into enemy territory, or something more mundane like to risk my job by reporting on some wrongdoing. If everyone accepts that there is no free will, then I’ll know that people will say, ‘Whatever he did, he had no choice—we can’t blame him.’ So I know I’m not going to be condemned for taking the selfish option.’ This, he believes, is very dangerous for society, and “the more people accept the determinist picture, the worse things will get.” Determinism not only undermines blame, Smilansky argues; it also undermines praise. Imagine I do risk my life by jumping into enemy territory to perform a daring mission. Afterward, people will say that I had no choice, that my feats were merely, in Smilansky’s phrase, “an unfolding of the given,” and therefore hardly praiseworthy. And just as undermining blame would remove an obstacle to acting wickedly, so undermining praise would remove an incentive to do good. Our heroes would seem less inspiring, he argues, our achievements less noteworthy, and soon we would sink into decadence and despondency. Smilansky advocates a view he calls illusionism—the belief that free will is indeed an illusion, but one that society must defend.” · May 16

חוה אלברשטיין אויפ’ן וועג שטייט א בוים(ON THE ROAD THERE IS A TREE)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peuCWdV8k8k לזכרה. רחל קופיצ’ינסקי (לבית וישנייה) 1922-2016 בשלש לפנות בקר הגיע הטלפון ממספר חסום והאחות ממחלקה ג’ בישרה לי על פטירתה של אימי. על הדרך עץ עומד הוא השיר שסבי, אביה של אמא , שנרצח בידי הנאצים עם כל משפחתה למעט הדוד שלמה ז”ל, היה שר לה בצעירותה. היה מושיב אותה על ברכיו, כך סיפרה והיה שר לה את השיר. זהו שם התערוכה שהצגתי בראשון לציון לפני למעלה משנתיים ובה הצגתי גם צילום שלה. אני יושב ליד מיטתה ומנגן את השיר פעם אחר פעם. מקווה שנשמתה תמצא סופסוף מרגוע ושקט מהזכרונות הקשים. תודה לך אמא יקרה על כל מה שעשית עבורנו. היית אמא מסורה ברמות שאינני מכיר. תודה אימא. מקווה שסיימת את פרק הסבל ואת יוצאת למקום של שקט . זה כל כך מגיע לך אמא. · Video · YouTube

Kyle Kulinski is bae

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Independence of Representation in Court and Judicial Accountability in the United States: “Once…

attorneyindependence.blogspot.com · A wiretapped criminal defense attorney sues prosecutors, police and investigators for fabricating evidence in order to ruin his law practice and him and his family, in order to get the upper head over the District Attorney’s political opponent. The defense attorney simply got in the way with his feisty professional activities. · May 19

Why the Prosecution of Chelsea Manning Was Unconstitutional

American Civil Liberties Union · Government officials leak information all the time to further their own interests. Yet Chelsea Manning is the only person in our history to have been sentenced to decades in prison for disclosing truthful information to the press and public. · May 19

JURIST – Waterboarding is “Torture”? — The Agenda-Driven Argument

jurist.org · prof. Jeffrey Addicott staunchly defies the clear assessment of the President of the United States who has said “we tortured some folks” Addicott nonetheless insists “While individual members of the CIA and military have engaged in murder, torture, and other misconduct in their individual capacities and should be punished, the United States of America never authorized torture.” it was established in Madison v. Marbury that the interpretation of the law belongs to the courts. So let’s try some perpetrators of the alleged torture, and get closure here. A pattern of mere non-prosecution looks like decriminalization. That would be a shameful legacy for this presidency · May 17

Bringing biotechnology into the home: Cathal Garvey at TEDxDublin

Гадкую Монсанту под суд и биолаборатории на каждой кухни! мы все нуждаемся в срочной персонализированной медицине, основанной на генетической модификации, в новых семенах, тканях, материалах. Да здравствует ГМО с открытым кодом! зы Забавно, что я опубликовала интервью с Адрианом Боуйером – создателем reprap’a, о котором рассказывают в этом TED talk в далеком 2010 году. И все получилось точно так, как предсказывал его создатель. http://www.chaskor.ru/article/trehmernaya_revolyutsiya__16204 with Vladimir Haritonov · Video · YouTube
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Food for thought!

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CHARLES HURT: Donald Trump grows in President Obama’s political culture

The Washingtion Times · Now this: The New York Times reports that President Obama has become the first commander in chief in U.S. history to serve nearly two complete terms at war. He has officially surpassed even warmongering former President George W. Bush. He came in on false promises of peace and leaves with more blood on his hands than any prior president. · May 16

To Win in November, Hillary Clinton Will Need Bernie Sanders’s Voters

The Nation · Another fine article by Don Guttenplan: “If Hillary Clinton doesn’t stop being such a sore winner, she may well end up a sore loser.”· May 16

Car Alarms Don’t Work. Why Are They So Common?

The Atlantic · Only now somebody’s writing an article about this? Everybody knows the only thing car alarms are good for is insomnia. Why do people buy them anyway? Because all you have to do is say “security” and people will sell their children into slavery, let alone buy shit-useless car alarms. · May 16

Neither Clinton nor Trump is engaging with the causes of America’s economic woes

ineteconomics.org · Important insights here on Hillary’s plan to put Bill Clinton in charge of revitalizing the US economy: Rana Foroohar, in her new book, Makers and Takers: The Rise of Finance and the Fall of American Business, warns that despite the rosy picture painted by the Clintons of the U.S. economy during the 1990s, that was the decade “when wages for all Americans started to stagnate.” She concludes that Clinton Administration policies such as the deregulation of derivatives, changes in tax deferment of options and in corporate compensation helped create a dangerously unbalanced economy dominated by Wall Street. “While not everything was bad,” says Foroohar, “I want to hear her spelling out in much greater detail what it means to put Bill Clinton in charge of the economy. If it means deregulation, executives being able to tax-defer more options pay, and a laissez-faire attitudes toward markets, that’s not what we need right now.” · May 17

Donald Trump and the Twilight of White America

The Atlantic · Racial resentment and economic anxiety are not separate forces. For many voters, and particularly Trump’s supporters, they are inextricably linked. · May 13

Goodbye Middle Class: 51 Percent Of All American Workers Make Less Than 30,000 Dollars A Year

Washington’s Blog · Posted on October 21, 2015 by WashingtonsBlog We just got more evidence that the middle class in America is dying. According to brand new numbers that were just released by the Social Security Administration, 51 percent of all workers in the United States make less than $30,000 a year. Let that number sink in for a moment. You can’t support a middle class family in America today on just $2,500 a month – especially after taxes are taken out. And yet more than half of all workers in this country make less than that each month. In order to have a thriving middle class, you have got to have an economy that produces lots of middle class jobs, and that simply is not happening in America today. You can find the report that the Social Security Administration just released right here. The following are some of the numbers that really stood out for me… -38 percent of all American workers made less than $20,000 last year. -51 percent of all American workers made less than $30,000 last year. -62 percent of all American workers made less than $40,000 last year. -71 percent of all American workers made less than $50,000 last year. That first number is truly staggering. The federal poverty level for a family of five is $28,410, and yet almost 40 percent of all American workers do not even bring in $20,000 a year. If you worked a full-time job at $10 an hour all year long with two weeks off, you would make approximately $20,000. This should tell you something about the quality of the jobs that our economy is producing at this point. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/10/goodbye-middle-class-51-percent-of-all-american-workers-make-less-than-30000-dollars-a-year.html · October 22, 2015

You know it’s true.

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Donald Trump supporters are not the bigots the left likes to demonise | John Harris

the Guardian · It is time to stop the hysterical moralising and try to understand why mainstream US politics is so unappealing · May 13

Squatters See a New Frontier in the Empty Homes of Las Vegas

nytimes.com · In Las Vegas (and, of course, other places) there are unoccupied homes. Squatters move in. In general, this seems like a great idea, doesn’t it. Banks and investors “own” some of these. Who are the squatters? Down and out gamblers. This, IMO, is a report from the front lines of the class war by the rich against the rest of us. · May 14

Let it sink in!!!!

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Democrats Should Be Very Worried About Hillary’s Anti-Trump Strategy | Current Affairs

currentaffairs.org · “One of the key flaws in these ads is that they assume the viewer already agrees with them. Anyone who supports Trump is going to already know that the rest of the party hates him; that’s part of his appeal. Likewise, they’re also going to know that Trump says extreme and uncouth things; that’s another part of his appeal. Every single person who believes Trump was “destroyed” by this ad hated Trump already. This ad is about as effective as John Oliver calling Trump “Drumpf.” It does absolutely nothing to persuade people who do not already dislike Trump. All it does is congratulate people who agreed from the start.” ·May 6

Politico Confirms: Hillary Clinton Has Kept 99% Of Funds Raised For State Parties

True Activist · By Zach Cartwright / USUncut Bernie Sanders’ accusations that Hillary Clinton is using her joint fundraising committee to skirt federal campaign finance laws are now proven. According to a new Politico report, the Hillary Victory Fund has kept 99 percent of approximately $60 million it was supposedly raising for state Democratic Parties. Under the agreement signed by Democratic […] · May 3

Paul Ryan sold shares on same day as private briefing of banking crisis

the Guardian · The corruption must end. Our lives were forever changed while they profited on insider trading. · August 1, 2013
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Угар НЭПа

samsebeskazal.livejournal.com · Нашел одну любопытную подборку фотографий в американском архиве. Все фото сделаны Франком Феттером - американским специалистом откомандированным в Советский… · December 21, 2012

Don’t let the U.S. abandon thousands of Afghans who worked for us

Washington Post · “Don’t let the U.S. abandon thousands of Afghans who worked for us” · May 12

Denied Breaks, U.S. Poultry Workers Wear Diapers on the Job

Bloomberg.com · Workers in plants run by the largest U.S. poultry producers are regularly being denied bathroom breaks and as a result some are reduced to wearing diapers while working on the processing line, Oxfam America said in a report Wednesday. · May 11

What West Virginia is saying at the polls

Scalawag · West Virginia is neither a secret socialist stronghold nor a racist fever-dream. It is one of several bleeding edges of a sharply unequal country, where people who never had much are feeling as pressed as they can remember ever being. · May 11

The foul reign of the biological clock | Moira Weigel

the Guardian · The Long Read: It seems like the concept of the biological clock has been with us forever. In fact, the metaphor was invented in the late 1970s. And it has been used to reinforce sexist ideas ever since ·May 10

Who rules the world? America is no longer the obvious answer

the Guardian · Noam Chomsky: “Who Rules the World? America is no longer the obvious answer.” · May 9

Author and Journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates Buys Stunning Prospect Lefferts Gardens Brownstone

Brownstoner · MacArthur Genius Grant winner and longtime Atlantic writer Ta-Nehisi Coates has purchased a stunning brownstone in Prospect Lefferts Gardens. · May 5

Lawsuit: Flint’s Democrat Mayor Diverted Funds For Water Crisis TO HER OWN PAC (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit · I remember it was the evil GOP Governors fault according to the left about two months ago…. · May 10

Masters of Mankind: the Costs of Violence

http://www.counterpunch.org · he general consequences of resorting to the sledgehammer against vulnerable societies comes as little surprise. William Polk’s careful study of insurgencies, Violent Politics, should be essential reading for those who want to understand today’s conflicts, and surely for planners, assuming that they care about human consequences and not merely power and domination. Polk reveals a pattern that has been replicated over and over. The invaders — perhaps professing the most benign motives — are naturally disliked by the population, who disobey them, at first in small ways, eliciting a forceful response, which increases opposition and support for resistance. The cycle of violence escalates until the invaders withdraw — or gain their ends by something that may approach genocide. · May 10

מלחמת ההישרדות של החילונים בישראל

הארץ · כמה תמונות שוות אלף מילים… הציבור החופשי בישראל הובס במערכה על זהות המדינה ואלה דמדומי קרבות המאסף. איש לאוהלך ישראל · May 8

פלסטינים נלחמים בנאצים: סיפורם של המתנדבים הערבים הפלסטינים במלחמת העולם השנייה

הארץ · השבוע מציינת אירופה את יום השנה ה-71 לשחרורה מידי הנאצים. סיפורם של המתנדבים הערבים שהשתתפו במאמץ המלחמתי נותר עד כה בשוליים. מאמר שלישי בסדרה מיוחדת על ההיסטוריה של תקופת המנדט בעריכת יוני פורס · May 8

Hitler’s Jewish Spy: Baron von Rolland AKA Saloniki Jew Isaac Ezratty

Tablet Magazine · В этом подлунном мире возможно всё что угодно… Еврей из Салоник был германским шпионом во время обеих мировых войн. · May 5

Welcome to Science Hub – Leading The Information Highway

scihub.org · Sci–Hub. 47 миллионов научных статей в открытом доступе Пока мир гудит, как встревоженный улей, под впечатлением 11,5 миллионов документов о Панамских офшорах, остается малоизвестным разоблачение, гораздо более важное для судеб человечества. Вышли в открытый доступ 47 миллионов статей, раньше спрятанных в “офшорах” науки – под засовами академических журналов, продающих знания за дорогую цену. Героиню, которая превзошла Ассанжа в дерзости разоблачения мировой закулисы – не политической, а научной, – зовут Александра Элбакян, ей 27 лет, и она живет в Алма-Ате. Александра создала Sci–Hub — грандиозный ресурс открытого доступа к научным публикациям. Издательский монстр Elsevier, публикующий четверть всех выходящих в мире научных журналов, затеял в Нью-Йорке судебный процесс против Александры. Но она твердо верит, что знание должно принадлежать всем, – тем более, что в данном случае обогащаются не авторы, а издатели, берущие за прочтение одной статьи 20-30 долларов. А сколько их нужно прочитать, чтобы написать хоть одно стоящее исследование! Обогащение за счет продажи прав на чтение научных работ все больше противоречит принципу открытости знания и культуры, провозглашенному Декларацией прав человека и технически обеспеченному открытостью электронных сетей. В отличие от материальных ценностей, которые присваиваются одними за счет других, интеллектуальные ценности не уменьшаются, а множатся, когда разделяются всеми. Яблоко, разделенное на двоих, – это пол-яблока, а знание, переданное другому, – это удвоенное знание. Поэтому на место копирайта сегодня приходит копилефт, который предполагает свободу распространения авторской собственности при условии, что при копировании из нее не будет извлекаться коммерческая выгода и каждая копия будет содержать такое же условие своего дальнейшего свободного воспроизведения. Sci–hub открыт для всех. http://scihub.org · November 15, 2010

Sci-Hub: removing barriers in the way of science · For free download of virtually any scientific paper, Sci-Hub can now be accessed on the domains Sci-Hub.bz, Sci-Hub.cc, and the IP address · July 9, 2015

A Missed Opportunity to Support Secular Life in Israel – The New Yorker

The New Yorker · A dispute over who should be able to pray at the Western Wall has distracted Reform Jews from more important questions in Israel. · May 6

Lost at Sea: Left Liberals Have No Party

http://www.counterpunch.org · “How obvious does it have to be that the left liberals have no party? Is the coming genuflection of Bernie Sanders to the neo-con in waiting, Queen Hillary, not enough to convince you? The Democratic Party stands for nothing but capitalism – before and during the primaries. It does what it has done for as long as I can remember: it presents a boogeyman Republican – whether it be Trump, McCain, Bush or whoever else. It then defends itself not by the sweet dreams it promises to deliver, but the Republican nightmares it promises to forestall.” · May 5

Евреи-воины в годы Второй мировой Войны

ujew.com.ua · ” Позорным фактом государственного антисемитизма стало лишение нескольких евреев звания Героя Советского Союза. Отъезд на ПМЖ в Израиль повлек за собой лишение звания Героя и лишение всех боевых наград четырех евреев. В рамках антисемитской кампании в 1953 году Герой Советского Союза Лев Гитман был оклеветан и осужден на 10 лет лагерей и лишен всех правительственных наград «за хищение государственной собственности, а именно – обрезков листового металла на общую сумму 8 рублей 67 копеек». · May 5

Washington Post’s new Jerusalem correspondent married to pro-Israel propagandist

The Electronic Intifada · More fair and balanced news to come. · August 24, 2015

Did the Supreme Court Make the Right Decision in the Citizens United Case After All?

Vanity Fair · Few Supreme Court decisions have been memorable—and even fewer have been notoriously wrong. Michael Kinsley examines how the controversial Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case simply upheld a core national value (and maybe not the one you think). ·May 2

The Inside Story of How Bill Clinton Sacrificed Prisoners’ Rights for Political Gain

The Intercept · A long read, but extremely interesting and informative on a subject that most people do not know enough about … recommended ·May 4

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Beyond Schadenfreude, the Spectacular Pundit Failure on Trump Is Worth Remembering

The Intercept · When a profession that touts its expertise, collectively, is this wildly wrong about something so significant, more needs to be done than a cursory, superficial acknowledgment of error. · May 4

Clearing customs

The Economist · More on the complicated deal Turkey is negotiating with the EU over the Syrian refugees. Interesting analysis and very informative. · April 28

Religious children are meaner than their secular counterparts, study finds

the Guardian · Religious belief appears to have negative influence on children’s altruism and judgments of others’ actions even as parents see them as ‘more empathetic’ · November 6, 2015

TPP, TTIP: Obama’s Secret Trade Deals vs. Trump and Bernie

Activist Post · The press refuses to state the obvious: two US Presidential candidates who couldn’t be more different are on the same page when it comes to Globalist trade treaties. · May 2

Researchers: Medical errors now third leading cause of death in United States

Washington Post · Хваленая американская медицина Famous American medicine · May 3
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The Case Against Reality

The Atlantic · it’s not what you think: · April 25

The Torturing of Mentally Ill Prisoners

The New Yorker · The guards at a Florida correctional facility beat and starved inmates—and even killed one—but the psychiatric staff was too afraid to speak up. · April 25

Joining ISIS: It’s Not Always For Reasons You Might Assume

NPR.org · I heard this thought-provoking, nuanced podcast over the weekend. On people who join ISIS not to decapitate and kill, but to find a community and some kind of framework, however twisted, to fight back against the powers that destroyed the things one loved. Recommended. ·April 30

The REAL reason that Obama was willing to come to Britain to persuade us to stay in the EU – TTIP

theunituk · “The following video published by Wikileaks and narrated by John Pilger and Julian Assange explains how the United States, having lost their dominance in the World Trade Organisation have set about forming huge multi-lateral ‘Trade’ Partnerships around which together account for more than 50% of World GDP. These agreements exclude any of the Countries such as China, India and Brazil that forced a form of democracy in the WTO and removed the total dominance of the USA. The USA’s answer was to form several new ‘Trade’ Organisations that would dominate World Trade and thereby by-pass the WTO. They are at present negotiating TPP, TTIP and TISA agreements which includes most of the World’s economies in various geographical groups but which ALL are dominated by the United States. The Countries that are excluded are such as China, Russia and South Africa and any other Country with increasing World Trade. The do not want to make the mistake again of losing control as they did with the WTO. This, in effect, gives the United States, the total right to sue any National Government whom they consider to be restricting their right to make a profit in any field they see fit including all public concerns such as transport and public health. These disputes will NOT take place in any International Court but by Arbitration led by a caucus of Corporate Lawyers placed by the Corporations.” · April 23

The F-35’s Software Is So Buggy It Might Ground the Whole Fleet

Motherboard · vastly over budget and still not ready for primetime. Meanwhile, the B-52, the A-10 and even the OV-10 are still on the job. So what did we get for the $trillion in warplanes in the last half century? ·April 26

The Truth About Bill Gates – Corbett Report

Having moved into Linux; shortly after a foray into Minux; in the early 90’s, Bill Gates has long been a pariah of mine. If you share that feeling this Corbett report is recommended time well waisted to see how his modus operandi has continued into his life of philanthropy. · Video ·YouTube

The Crummy History of Matzoh

The Plate · Matzoh, known by Jews worldwide as “the bread of affliction,” is a cracker-like flour and water substance that is eaten to commemorate the Hebrew slaves’ exodus from Egypt. The bland crisp is… · April 22

A Different Guernica

The New York Review of Books · In 1992, I interviewed my old friend Dora Maar, a talented photographer, who had witnessed and documented the making of Guernica. Picasso had told her: “I know I am going to have terrible problems with this painting, but I am determined to do it—we have to arm for the war to come.” · April 21

That time the Paris Mosque helped Jews escape the Nazis by giving them Muslim IDs

messynessychic.com · FANTASTIC piece of forgotten history. · April 22

American Socialism and the Jews, Between Moscow and Jerusalem – By Tony Michels – The Marginalia Review of Books

The Marginalia Review of Books · Tony Michels on Stephen H. Norwood’s Antisemitism and the American Far Left In the summer of 1967, American leftists began speaking about Israel in new, jarring ways. The Jewish state had just won a quick but transformative war with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, resulting in the capture of the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, East Jerusalem, [&hellip · March 3, 2015

מה עושים ב”תגלית” כשלא מוצאים יהודים

הארץ · באמת תגלית … אפילו טיול חינם לישראל, כבר לא עושה את זה ליהודי העולם אני מציע להקים תוכנית שתציע לצעירים מישראל טיול חינם בחו״ל, בכדי שיבינו עד כמה איומים ועצובים החיים במערב, כמה מכוערת פריז, משעממת לונדון, מייגעת ברלין ועל ניו יורק ממש לא כדאי להעביר מילים.. מבטיח לכם שההצלחה תהייה פנטסטית ואף אחד מהמשתתפים לא ירצה לעזוב את הארץ לעולם, אפילו לחופשת הכל כלול באנטליה, לא ככה? · April 23, 2014

Slogans Have Replaced Arguments

The Chronicle of Higher Education · ЭПОХА ТВИТТЕРА. Лозунги заменили аргументы. Протестующие студенты анти-интеллектуальны. И это не их вина… · April 17

15 вещей, которые вам никогда не скажут интроверты

AdMe — Творчество. Свобода. Жизнь. · ВСЯ ПРАВДА ОБ ИНТРОВЕРТАХ · August 15, 2014

Start-Ups Take Rites From the Funeral Home to the Family Home

nytimes.com · “According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the national median cost of a funeral and burial arranged through a funeral home for an adult in 2014 was $8,508 … By contrast, the cost of a do-it-yourself home funeral can be $100 or less …” · January 30

US relax rules on bombing IS in civilian areas

alaraby · Well, now, isn’t this evil? · April 22

Bill That Obama Extolled Is Leading to Pension Cuts for Retirees

The Intercept · But if I say anything I’m a bad Democrat. WTF is going on here? “The Washington Post reports that the Treasury Department is on the verge of approving an application from the Central States Pension Fund – a plan that covers Teamster truckers in several states – to cut worker pensions by an average of 23 percent, and even more for younger retirees. Over 250,000 truckers and their families would be affected. Workers over 75, or those who have acquired a disability, would be exempt from the changes. The bill that enables this — known as the “CRomnibus” because it was partially a continuing resolution to fund the government (CR) and partially an omnibus spending package to fund other parts of the government for a full year — was littered with riders, nonbudget changes in law that attached themselves to the legislation like barnacles to a ship. These riders included the elimination of an entire section of Dodd-Frank derivatives regulations (as written by Citigroup lobbyists) and a large increase in the donation limits to party committees.”· April 20

Voting Problems Plague High-Stakes Primary Day In New York

mintpressnews.com · After the New York Primary, still think the two-party system is worth saving? Trending: #NewYorkPrimary · April 20

Hassidic Rabbis to Take Lord’s Supper on Passover

israeltoday.co.il · this one is a beaut. · April 21

Parents Are Bankrupting Themselves to Look Adequate

bloombergview.com · Only parents can end this arms race. · April 20

Why Americans Are So Sensitive to Harm

The Atlantic · A new paper explains how “concept creep” in the field of psychology has reshaped many aspects of modern society. · April 19

Thomas Piketty on the rise of Bernie Sanders: the US enters a new political era

the Guardian · Win, lose or draw today in NYS or for the nomination down the road, the Bernie Campaign offers us endless opportunity to strengthen the left, as Thomas Piketty explains here. Thanks to John G Mason for the link. · February 16

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The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans Living Paycheck to Paycheck

The Atlantic · Interesting article by someone very much like myself, who is in dire financial straits whereas I am reasonably comfortable. It’s not so much that I saved more and invested better as that I didn’t have children, a conscious decision that was very much related to my career path. If I had had children, I’d either be in the same boat as this guy or I would have been forced to become a lobbyist and hate myself every day for the shit I’d have to put up with. Yet I am the only person I know of who ever thought about the decision to have or not have children in economic terms. They just have them and then deal with the consequences. · April 18

George Carlin – Political Correctness is fascism pretending to be Manners………………

FAIR USE NOTICE: We are making this material available in efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democratic, s… · Video · YouTube

The Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents

The Real News Network · Digging deep into Hillary’s connections to Wall Street, Abby Martin reveals how the Clinton’s multi-million-dollar political machine operates.This episode chronicles the Clinton’s rise to power in the 90s on a right-wing agenda, the Clinton Foundation’s revolving door with Gulf state monarchies, corporations and the world’s biggest financial institutions, and the establishment of the hyper-aggressive “Hillary Doctrine” while Secretary of State. Learn the essential facts about the great danger she poses, and why she’s the US Empire’s choice for its next CEO. · April 18

The Schlep of a Lifetime-Broad City – Video Clip | Comedy Central

Mostly I find Broad City kind of uncomfortable to watch. It suffers from an acute case of Brooklyn Jewish Millennial Entitled Narcissism. But this episode, in which Abbi and Ilana go to Israel on Birthright, is hilarious. ·Video · Comedy Central

Clinton Foundation Pays Men 38% More than Women

Truth Revolt · The Daily Caller is reporting that male executives at the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation earn 38% more than female executives, according to a study of the foundation’s IRS tax disclosures. · April 13

Religious Freedom For Everyone (Except Prisoners)! A Tragic Tale Of Incarceration And Spaghetti.

Above the Law · Is religious freedom only important when it protects those on the outside or is something more fundamental at work here? The answer is a… · April 14

I Want To Put A Baby In You: Grandma’s Pregnant

Above the Law · Should legal limits be placed on the use of assisted reproductive technology by older individuals and couples? · April 13

Is Hillary Clinton more dangerous than Donald Trump?

The Electronic Intifada · The “Warrior Queen” could be worse for world stability than an isolationist Trump. · April 14

Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems

the Guardian · Financial meltdown, environmental disaster and even the rise of Donald Trump – neoliberalism has played its part in them all. Why has the left failed to come up with an alternative? · April 15


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The not-completely-crazy theory that Russia leaked the Panama Papers

Washington Post · Ага… Уже и Washington Post · April 9

Duplessy & the violins of the world “CRAZY HORSE”

“Crazy Horse” на парижской крыше · Video · YouTube

How Wall Street Profits From Student Debt

Reader Supported News · As the presidential primaries rumble on, the candidates – especially Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton – have debated college affordability and Wall Street greed. Unfortunately, no one is confronting the links between the two. · April 14

Young Iraqis Overwhelmingly Consider U.S. Their Enemy, Poll Says

The Intercept · Face-to-face interviews with 250 Iraqi youths find that more than 90 percent feel their country is fundamentally at odds with the United States. · April 13

Психолог Михаил Литвак: «У нас женщин воспитывают как проституток»

Misstits · – Рассуждения многих женщин, что для них карьера вторична, а первичны дом, семья, дети – это глупости? — Конечно, глупости. Люди, когда собираются вместе, собираются по взаимному дополнению. Я знаю одну семью. Она – директор завода, он – детей воспитывает. И нормально получается, когда он понимает, что у него лучше эти качества развиты, а у нее – деловые. Ведь это же статистика, что мужчина более деловой. А мы имеем дело с конкретным случаем. По статистике мужчины выше ростом, чем женщины, но у меня на семинарах есть женщины, которые на 10 сантиметров выше меня. Мужчина и женщина – это только когда речь идет о сексе и участии в деторождении. А когда речь идет о деле, тут кто лучше делает. У нас же женщин воспитывают в стиле латентной проституции. Она ищет мужчину, который бы ее защищал, кормил, жил для нее. А сама она может быть никем. Как это назвать? Мне обычная проституция кажется более честной, когда проститутка отрабатывает технику секса, получает деньги и не навязывается мужчине в постоянные спутницы жизни. Мне кричат – аморально. А я говорю – разве не аморально жить с человеком, которого ты не любишь, и он тебя не любит, а просто социум требует. По-моему, это более аморально. · April 8

The Wages of Sin: Chris Hedges

Truthdig · “The continued failure by government to reintegrate the working class back into the economy, to give people hope, dooms us all.”· April 11

Три лица жертвы

Частный Корреспондент · О ЖЕРТВАХ В НАУЧНОМ МИРЕ. Прочитал статью в ЧасКоре о психологическом треугольнике Карпмана, и подумал о том, что он довольно точно описывает один тип отношений между соавторами по научным статьям. Полно статей написанных маститым ученым и юным аспирантом, и зачастую во многих случаях “спасаемый” аспирант превращается в будущем в “гонителя”, т.е., некоего необычно активного оппонента своего бывшего научного руководителя. Я знаю одного плодовитого исследователя, у которого около сотни соавторов, половину из которых он “привез” в Америку из других стран (и кучу русских, кстати). Несмотря на его помощь с грин-картой, трудоустройством и т.д., хорошие отношения у него лишь с пятью соваторами, теми с кем он работает сейчас, и у кого постоянной работы еще нету… А все прошлые только ждут повода, чтобы или уколоть его чем-то (он этих поводов дает им достаточно), или позлословить. ——– · March 31

Israel’s Unsung Protector: Obama

nytimes.com · Definitive count of POTUSes who have allowed Israel-critical UNSC resos, by @Lara_APN. Who scores 0? Spoiler: BO · April 10

‘I’m f***ed. I can’t go to jail’: Four high-ranking NYPD officers disciplined amid FBI corruption probe for taking exotic vacations, diamonds and cash from one of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s major donors

Engineering Evil · Officials said to be looking into conduct of New York’s finest, including senior NYPD staff Officers are suspected of accepting cash from businessmen Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg… · April 8

Jurors need to take the law into their own hands

Washington Post · When it comes to racial disparity in the criminal system, nullification may be one of the last tools for justice. · April 5

Tim Robbins: Liberals Are ‘Done With Compromising Our Ideals’ – Secular Talk

newsvideo.su · Actor Tim Robbins on Monday afternoon rallied supporters of Bernie Sanders on the eve of the Wisconsin Democratic primary. Robbins sought to address Democrats who “feel Bernie in their heart… · April 8

Private Security companies and the Israeli Occupation | Who Profits

whoprofits.org · Private security companies in Israel play an active role in the occupation of Palestinian land and control over Palestinian people. Private security guards operate checkpoints and guard settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. These security guards have policing powers, they bear arms and ar… · April 4

Stanford Students Want Western Civilization Studies Back as the PC Backlash Begins

The Daily Beast · Stanford students are voting on a plan to reinstate the controversial Western Civilization curriculum more than 25 years after Jesse Jackson helped kill it. · April 7

Billions of dollars to be lost if cancer is cured: why Big Pharma profits from this deadly disease

newstarget.com · Billions of dollars would be lost if cancer is cured: http://bit.ly/1qslOpP · April 6

Evicted by Matthew Desmond review – what if the problem of poverty is that it’s profitable to other people?

the Guardian · ‘There is an enormous amount of pain and poverty in this rich land,’ argues American sociologist Desmond in this brilliant book about housing and the lives of eight families in Milwaukee · April 7

Why Are Voters Angry? It’s the 1099 Economy, Stupid.

New Republic · I’ve been illegally classified as an independent contractor (1099) in the past. I was young and naive and frankly needed to pay the rent. I had no benefits (this was before Obamacare), no paid time off and no assurance of work. The worst part of it was having to not only cover my own taxes but also what would normally be covered by the employer (SS/Medicare tax). Anyway, I agree with this article as it definitely seems like the economy has been headed in the 1099 direction for a while. Unless you are truly an independent contractor (making your own hours, doing work the way you decided to do it, etc), 1099 is yet another slap in the face of the American worker. · April 6

Obama’s Panama Papers Speech Ignored Fact That US Is World’s Largest Tax Haven

The Anti-Media · He must have forgot to mention it. · April 6

В начале не было ничего, только полная симметрия, и свободная калибровка летала над водами. Потом отделил Бог целый спин от полуцелого, и повелел целому спину подчиняться статистике Бозе, а полуцелому статистике Ферми. И увидел он, что это хорошо. И отделил Бог гравитацию, и поставил её константу взаимодействия ниже других констант, и повелел ей пресмыкаться на микроуровне, но сказал, что возвеличит её надо всеми, и будет она повелевать космологией, ибо всё будет подчиняться ей. И уползла гравитация на микроуровне на своё место, и поныне там пребывает. И отделил Бог сильное взаимодействие от электрослабого, а кварки от лептонов, и повелел кваркам сильно и электрослабо взаимодействовать, а лептонам только электрослабо. И увидел он, что это хорошо. И нарушил Бог симметрию электрослабого взаимодействия до слабого и электромагнитного, и обрели векторные бозоны массу, фотон же не обрёл. И стали векторные бозоны подобны фермионам, и возгордились, но не было у них закона сохранения числа частиц, ибо были они бозонами, и потому стало слабое взаимодействие короткодействующим. И был вечер, и было утро: эра электрослабого фазового перехода. Глюоны же обладали цветом, и были в том подобны кваркам, и взаимодействовали меж собой сильно, и порождали другие глюоны. И увидел Бог, что сильное взаимодействие асимптотически свободно, на больших же расстояниях линейно, аки в струнной модели. И повелел Бог собраться кваркам по трое, и по одному и антиодному, и с глюонами в иные комбинации, по цвету синглетные, и затворил их там конфайнментом. И нарёк Бог кварки по трое барионами, а по одному и антиодному мезонами, и увидел он, что это хорошо. И был вечер, и было утро: эра конфайнмента. Мезоны состояли из кварка и антикварка, и не имели барионного числа, и распадались до излучения, а барионы же антикварков не содержали, и распадались только до нуклонов, а дальше не могли. И было барионов больше, чем антибарионов, и потому оставались нуклоны не аннигилировавшие. И сочетались нуклоны за счёт сложного обменного взаимодействия, производного от сильного, и соединялись по двое, по трое, по четыре. По четыре же, в альфа-частицы, им было лучше всего соединяться. И увидел Бог, что в альфа-частицы соединилась четверть всех нуклонов по массе, остальные же остались свободными, а остальные элементы в следовых количествах. И посему достаточно было в межзвёздном газе топлива для ядерных реакций и зажигания звёзд. И увидел он, что это хорошо. И был вечер, и было утро: началась эра первичного нуклеосинтеза.. )) ___ (с)

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Vatican unveils restored catacomb with frescoes showing ‘female priests’

the Guardian · Women depicted in scenes show they were priests, say activists; they were just praying like everyone else, says Holy See ·November 20, 2013

How economists rode maths to become our era’s astrologers – Alan Jay Levinovitz | Aeon Essays

Aeon · By fetishising mathematical models, economists turned economics into a highly paid pseudoscience · April 4

Donald Trump and the Ghost of Christopher Lasch

The American Conservative · The middle class is taking a stand against beltway elites in the form of Donald Trump. · April 5

What Students Think About Free Speech

The Chronicle of Higher Education · Their tolerance of censorship reflects their generation’s life experience. · April 3

The Global Refugee Crisis: Humanity’s Last Call for a Culture of Sharing and Cooperation

Truthout · The real crisis is not the influx of refugees to Europe per se, but a toxic combination of destabilizing foreign policy agendas, economic austerity and the rise of right-wing nationalism, which is likely to push the world further into social and political chaos in the months ahead. · April 3

Adolph Reed: Identity Politics Is Neoliberalism

Ben Norton · Reed condemns identity politics for, despite its putative good intentions, disguising objectively right-wing, neoliberal ideology with superficially “progressive” rhetorical window dressing. Reed’s criticisms of “antiracism” can been taken to be criticisms of identity politics more generally (emphasis mine). · July 2, 2015

Growth is Useless Without Equal Economic Distribution

The Real News Network · Robert Pollin challenges Paul Krugman’s assertion that Sanders’ economic proposals are unrealistic. · April 2

DOJ Resurrects Policing-for-Profit Program

Truthout · A suspended policy that allowed local police to keep much of the assets they confiscate from fellow suspects was reinstated by the Department of Justice. · March 30

Trial and Error: Report Says Prosecutors Rarely Pay Price for Mistakes and Misconduct

ProPublica · The Innocence Project found 660 cases of prosecutorial misconduct and error in four years. Prosecutors are rarely, if ever, disciplined. These findings echo a 2013 ProPublica report on prosecutorial misconduct in NYC. You can read that here: http://propub.li/1RHADu4 · March 29

The Blue State Model

The American Conservative · American culture idolizes innovators and creative professionals but often forgets the blue collar workers that help turn ideas into products. · March 29

Jim Webb, Donald Trump, and the Tragedy of American Whiteness

The Huffington Post · I found it weirdly poignant when, late this last week, former Virginia Democratic senator Jim Webb · March 5

free art

mi3ch.livejournal.com · The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York posted 422 albums of art Thanks dear friend Anton Watman · March 26, 2015
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27 Millennial Trump Supporters Share What Worries Them Most About The Future

http://www.liberalamerica.org · Their answers (most of them) were nearly profound in their ignorance. Most of these young adults seem to be living and breathing the FEAR that Trump has deliberately fed. And way too many of them can’t spell. · March 25

Highlighting Western Victims While Ignoring Victims of Western Violence

The Intercept · On Brussels: the ultimate media taboo is self-examination: the question of whether there are actions we take that exacerbate the problem we say we are trying to resolve. · March 25

Campaign 2016: Hillary Clinton’s Fake Populism Is a Hit

Rolling Stone · Rolling Stones endorsement. · April 16, 2015

Voting With Our Feet: Chris Hedges

Truthdig · Bernie Sanders will soon be urging us to support Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. But the Democratic Party, along with a bankrupt liberalism, is as dangerous as Donald Trump. It is time to vote with our feet—by taking to the streets against the corrupt power elite.  – 2016/03/20 · March 20

Reclaiming Conservative Foreign Policy

The American Conservative · The Republican party has traditionally been home to an antipathy to foreign wars; its warmongering phase is the aberration. · March 24

The Mexicanization of the United States: Chris Hedges

Truthdig · Maybe is to late to build the wall. Obama promised, that American workers must compete with the Third world countries, so there we go. The change, you can believe in. · March 14
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Days of Revolt: The Problem

In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and Green Party candidate Jill Stein diagnose the problems plaguing US politics, highlighting the d… · Video · YouTube

Days of Revolt: How We Got to Junk Economics

The economics of parasitism, Consuming The Host. Economist Michael Hudson discusses the inverted economy of the modern era with Chris Hedges. Part 1 of2 · Video · YouTube

President Obama’s Lesser-Known Legacy: ”Arms Dealer in Chief”

Truthout · President Obama has discreetly brokered and authorized the sale of more arms to foreign governments than any other US president since World War II. · March 23

What The Alaburda v. Thomas Jefferson Law Case Is Not About

Above the Law · This case is not about an entitled millennial brat trying to play victim. It’s about a corporation allegedly doing horrible things to people for financial gain. · March 23

Deep Anger – Adbusters | Journal of the mental environment

Adbusters | Journal of the mental environment · Throwback to issue #113: In a better world, there’d be no reason to write this. In that world, plastic bags would be outlawed, rednecks would voluntarily stop driving those obnoxious Ford F-350s and the yogis in yuppie neighborhoods would stop believing that a hybrid SUV could save the planet. But that’s not the world we live in. In this world, when push comes to shove, most of us are too comfortable to care, too polite to speak out. With so much at stake we need to rediscover something we lost along the way: our anger. http://www.adbusters.org/article/deep-anger/ · March 22

Meet the Academics Who Want Donald Trump to Be President

The Chronicle of Higher Education · RT @blakehounshell: Academics for Trump is a thing · March 11

How Locking Up Judges Could End Debtors’ Prisons

The Huffington Post · Civil rights lawyers want the DOJ to give judges who break the law a taste of their own medicine. · March 18

There’s More Than Protests to Blame for Mizzou’s Enrollment Woes

The Chronicle of Higher Education · После студенческих протестов в университете Миссури в Коламбии количество первокурсников резко уменьшилось на 15%. Судя по всему, они выбрали другие университеты, хотя администрация университета объясняет это и другими факторами. · March 18

Debunked: The Myth That Ralph Nader Cost Al Gore the 2000 Election – disinformation

disinformation · Matthew Jones of USC’s Political Science Department says: It’s really difficult to make the argument that Ralph Nader cost Al Gore the 2000 election, for multiple reasons. There were only 560 votes…· November 2, 2010

The Case for Writing-In Bernie Sanders If Hillary Clinton Is the Democratic Nominee

The Huffington Post · Between Iraq and Afghanistan, there are up to 400,000 Ame… · March 21

The Dark Side of Purim

The Forward · Professor Buzzkill returns. http://forward.com/opinion/194161/the-dark-side-of-purim/ Aryeh Bernstein asked me a good question on this piece that I responded to below but I thought I would post it here as well. Thank you Aryeh. Good Purim! In brief, I know about the Simon-Leibowitz transference. I stuck with Leibowitz in deference to the myth. Its truth is irrelevant to me, it was a heuristic tool. In terms of Amalek, good question. See Elliot Horowitz’s *Reckless Rights” to the long history of “Amalek,” and also the chapter in Naomi Cohen’s *What the Rabbis Said” called “Heroes and Villains” how American rabbis in the 19th century used Amalek (interesting stuff, esp. because they didn’t really have an external enemy). Footnotes aside, to me Amalek in the story is anything that needs to be transformed as an expression of eradication because it prevents by definition human flourishing. Amalek are things that cannot be redeemed without transvaluation? Amalek requires a Nietzschean solution. The eradication of Amalek is a radical, even revolutionary, act whereby evil has no other choice. Violence is sometimes necessary but it is the last option, always, and never the first. Perhaps thinking violence is the only way to eradicate Amalek is itself Amalek! Every time the world gets a little better, Amalek gets a little weaker, every time the arc bends toward justice, Amalek gets a little weaker. Using Amalek to justify hatred is Amalek and thus, ironically, if we celebrate Purim by celebrating the death of the ancient Persians, we are not eradicating Amalek, we are mirroring him. · May 6, 2015

US millennials feel more working class than any other generation

the Guardian · More than the Bern. More than an identification with an undefined socialism. It’s class, stupid. The reality of the US this election year. · March 15

Salmon full of cocaine and antidepressants? Study finds Puget Sound fish full of drugs

AOL.com · It may be time to sit down and have that talk with your salmon about its drug use. · March 18

The Rebel Who Came In From the Cold: The Tainted Career of Bayard Rustin

Portside · This is an OK essay about Bayard Rustin and how he and his group moved rightward into the AFL-CIO and mainstream of the Democratic Party. This is a subject that interests me personally and which I’ve discussed at length with others who were there including Steve Max and David McReynolds. The issues & events reported here are mostly accurate but a huge amount is omitted. Bayard was effectively exiled from the civil rights movement in 1960 — forced out by Adam Clayton Powell. Before that they had all worked seamlessly with people connected to the Communist Party. He and his grouplet, the Schactmanites, always anti-communist, began moving way further right in 1962. In 1963, when negotiating for white house support of the march on washington, the kennedy administration’s demanded that MLK cut ties with two CP people (with whom Bayard had worked closely in the past) Stanley Levison and J. Hunter O’Dell.Thanks to Portside for publishing this. · March 17

Who Is the Hillary Voter?

New Republic · The media is obsessed with the Sanders voter and the Trump voter. Yet it is the Hillary voter who may have the last laugh. ·March 18


В РИТМІ ЖИТТЯ · Выращивание роз – это, несомненно, красивая и прибыльная бизнес идея. Цветочный бизнес всегда отличался высокой рентабельностью. Много красивых легенд знаем о розах, это самые популярные цветы у покупателей. Существует более 1000 видов и более 10 000 сортов разных роз. Селекционеры постоянно продолж · March 16

Covering Donald Trump, and Witnessing the Danger Up Close

nytimes.com · “Yet the protesters, too, have sometimes instigated the clashes. They fling themselves to the ground, forcing law enforcement officers — often outmanned and overwhelmed — to drag them away. They also shout and curse, making obscene gestures as they are led from events. And Friday night in Chicago, in perhaps the best-organized effort so far, they came not to simply stand quietly but to utterly halt Mr. Trump’s ability to deliver his speech.” Caroline Grannan · March 12

Bill Clinton’s odious presidency: Thomas Frank on the real history of the ’90s

Salon · Welfare reform. NAFTA. The crime bill. Prisons. Aides wondered if Bill knew who he was. His legacy is sadly clear · March 14

Dirty Money, Dirty Science

Food Tank · The recent New York Times expose of Big Ag money corrupting research is just the tip of the iceberg. · September 22, 2015

Were Jews ever really slaves in Egypt, or is Passover a myth? – The Jewish Thinker

Haaretz.com · Glad to see Haaretz is making clear that the passover story of Jewish slaves in Egypt is a myth — but as my rabbi friend Jason told Gabe, although it never actually happened it’s a good story! ·October 19, 2015

Why Some Hasidic Jews Are Loving Donald Trump’s Campaign | VICE News

VICE News · This story is so bizarre, both in its substance and in the way it is reported. · March 10

Poll: 33% of Sanders Supporters Wouldn’t Vote for Clinton

Watch the video Poll: 33% of Sanders Supporters Wouldn’t Vote for Clinton on Yahoo News . A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll indicates one third of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ supporters cannot see themselves voting for Hillary Clinton in November. This could spell trouble for Clinton who will likely need Sanders’ backers in order to win the White House. Photo: Getty Images · Video · Yahoo News

The Media Came Too Late to the Promise of John Kasich

TIME.com · “We, the media” who delude ourselves about being kingmakers! Perfect example of the national media embracing its role as communications directorate of the DC political establishment, inside whose ranks the panic spreads… · March 10

Millions of ordinary Americans support Donald Trump. Here’s why | Thomas Frank

the Guardian · The punditocracy sees Trump only as bigoted and stoking the racists, the white working class former Reagan democrats. But Trump also talks about the ‘lousy trade deals’ that sent jobs to places with cheaper labor, the formerly good jobs the white working class held. Tom Frank writes “Trump is supposed to be on a one-note crusade for whiteness. Could it be that all this trade stuff is a key to understanding the Trump phenomenon?” · March 7

I took a “Kleptocracy tour” around London and discovered the corruption capital

newstatesman.com · A sightseeing trip around central London properties revealed just how much dirty money there is swimming around the city. ·March 4

Stop laughing, Democrats! As the GOP goes down in flames, your post-Bernie civil war is almost here

Salon · “…We’ve heard the arguments from advocates of the Democratic Long March for many years: On some uncertain day that lies just beyond the visible horizon, we will have our permanent demographic majority and we can start nudging the party away from being the Slightly Gayer Republicans and back toward genuine progressive priorities and policies. We promise! A few things need to happen first, though. We need to take back the Senate in 2016 (and then take it back again in 2020, after losing it in between), take back the House in 2022 or 2024 (since no date sooner than that is plausible), begin to win back all the governorships and state legislatures and county boards we’ve coughed up like hairballs over the last decade or two, and rebuild a party organization that has been gutted and filleted at the state and local level clear across the country…” ·March 5

Revealed: the 30-year economic betrayal dragging down Generation Y’s income

the Guardian · Exclusive new data shows how debt, unemployment and property prices have combined to stop millennials taking their share of western wealth · March 7

Bernie prepares to go into the belly of the beast: Sanders to do Fox News town hall without Clinton

Salon · Sanders has already visited evangelical Liberty University and on Monday he’ll spend an hour with Fox’s Bret Baier VIDEO · March 4

Debating Glenn Greenwald was like “looking the devil in the eye”: Ex-NSA chief Michael Hayden details distaste for media in new book

Salon · Debating Glenn Greenwald was lk “looking devil in eye,” ex-NSA chief Hayden details distaste for media in book · March 1

LRB · Jackson Lears · We came, we saw, he died: Clinton’s Creed

London Review of Books · The intellectual bankruptcy of the Democratic Party is nowhere more evident than in the looming presidential candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton. · January 28, 2015

The 23 cities with the best quality of life in the world — and not a single one in the USA.

Daily Kos · If you want to live in a healthy, prosperous and safe city, you should probably look outside the United States, according to the Mercer 2016 Quality of Living City Rankings. Mercer, one of the world’s ·February 23

Лекарство от ностальгии: советские цены в пересчете на современные деньги

Очень интересно! Маст рид, особенно ностальгирующим по СССР! ·TV Show

Understanding The Clintons’ Popularity With Black Voters

NPR.org · Everyone takes it for granted that The Clintons are popular with African-American voters. Where did that goodwill originally come from? · March 1
Saved from NPR‘s post

The War on the Poor

The American Prospect · The welfare reform of the 1990s left millions of Americans near destitution. · February 24

Justice Alito on discrimination against Jewish prison inmates

Washington Post · Can a prison bar Torah study when there are fewer than 10 Jewish inmates present, on the theory that Judaism itself imposes such a requirement? · February 29

The Post-Hope Democrats | Jacobin

jacobinmag.com · The Post-Hope Democrats The latest attacks on Bernie Sanders reveal that the Democratic Party is intent on driving down expectations. by Doug Henwood Hillary Clinton in 2008. Jeremy Soper / Flickr The Sanders campaign has certainly sharpened the contradictions, hasn’t it? It’s been very clarifying t… · February 25

The Holocaust as ‘white on white crime’ and other signs of intellectual decay

Washington Post · My life has been a total waste. Every serious book I edited or wrote is a waste. Telling stories of what happened, studying history to prevent genocide. WASTED. My husband and father were right, I am one of the stupidest idiots on planet Earth for even thinking for one damned second that you can teach people anything decent on life. You can’t. Hate always wins. Always. · February 5

Get a Grip: Donald Trump Isn’t Ushering in a Fascist Movement in America

The Nation · Actually, not very many Americans have voted for Trump. ·February 29

Ralph Nader: Hillary Clinton Sugarcoating Her Disastrous Record – OpEd

Eurasia Review · Bernie Sanders is far too easy on Hillary Clinton in their debates. Clinton flaunts her record and experience in ways that Sanders could use to expose her serious vulnerabilities and disqualificati… ·February 13

Why Hillary Clinton Cannot Beat Donald Trump

Liberty Blitzkrieg · This morning, I read a fantastic article by Nathan J. Robinson in Current Affairs titled: Unless the Democrats Run Sanders, a Trump Nomination Means a Trump Presidency. Several months ago, I would … · February 25

Democrats Should Be Very Nervous About Their Terrible Turnout Numbers

The Huffington Post · In primary after primary this cycle, Democratic voters just aren’t showing up. · February 28

B&H Electronics Store Sued for Discrimination of Hispanic Workers

nytimes.com · It never stops, does it? The labor struggles and victories at B & H, the photo and electronics shore, show the benefits of sustained struggle over the bosses’ anti-union, anti-worker efforts. Here Patrick McGeehan reports on remarkably invidious race-based practices at its Brooklyn warehouse. Do you want to follow this more? The Laundry Workers Center has been a springboard for organizing B & H workers. Also consider following the posts of Kristina Antonia Mazzocchi who has kept many of us up on the state of play. · February 26

When Hillary Clinton threw Arab and Muslim Americans under the bus

The Electronic Intifada · RT @RaniaKhalek:The time @HillaryClinton returned campaign contributions from Muslims & Arabs to “woo Jewish voters” · February 26

This Is What English Actually Sounded Like 500 Years Ago

Encurious · “Freshly they dresse and make swete my bowre” · August 10, 2015

«Пройти Карфагеном»? Дилеммы всевластия и безвластия в повестке посткрымских элит России

Михаил Гефтер · Беседе Gefter.ru с социологом «Левада-центра» Денисом Волковым о текущем положении российских элит — ·February 24

Cal State Campus President Cancels Conservative Speaker’s Event, Fueling Outrage – The Ticker -…

chronicle.com · ПОЛИТКОРРЕКТНОСТЬ или СВОБОДА СЛОВА? Опять. Госуниверситет Калифорнии в ЛА отменил лекцию Бена Шапиро “When diversity becomes a problem”. Отмене предшествоствовали эмоциональная кампания студентов на твиттере и их давление. В статье указывается страница в твиттере организаторши протестов, так что этническая принадлежность этой организаторши налицо (к слову сказать, многие хорошо помнят этот дешевый трюк советской еще прессы, указать фамилию по-тихому). Приглашенный лектор, в свою очередь, написал у себя в твиттере, что он все равно придет на свою отмененную лекцию, чтобы выяснить, вызовет ли университет полицию. Университет, в своем решении отменить лекцию, указал, что она не отменяется, а просто переносится на более позднюю дату, и что данный лектор будет частью группы, где будут представлены и представители противоположной точки зрения. пс. в первых комментариях ссылки на дискуссии студентов на фейсбуке и твиттере и на перву реакцию местной прессы. · February 23

Antonin Scalia: Looking Backward

The New Yorker · Much has been written about the juris imprudence of Antonin Scalia. The best I’ve read has been Jeffrey Toobin’s intemperate account which begins: “Antonin Scalia, who died this month, after nearly three decades on the Supreme Court, devoted his professional life to making the United States a less fair, less tolerant, and less admirable democracy.” And goes on from there. Do you have a favorite? · February 21

How America Made Donald Trump Unstoppable

Rolling Stone · He’s no ordinary con man. He’s way above average — and the American political system is his easiest mark ever · February 24

The US Economy Has Not Recovered and Will Not Recover

http://www.counterpunch.org · The US economy died when middle class jobs were offshored and when the financial system was deregulated. Jobs offshoring benefitted Wall Street, corporate executives, and shareholders, because l… · February 19

The Isley Brothers – Fight The Power (Part 1 & 2) (1975)

A dear friend sent me this for a birthday present… Ever timely… Fight the Powers that Be!! · Video · YouTube

Entrance Polls: Trump Dominates Latino Vote In Nevada

The Daily Caller · “I will win the Hispanic vote.” · February 24

OPINION: Purge The New York Times op-ed page

america.aljazeera.com · The paper of record has let its opinion columns degrade into self-parody · February 24

Republican Race Puts Donald Trump and Paul Ryan on Collision Course

nytimes.com · GOOD !!! Paul RINO is simply a younger version on Bohner anyway !!! · February 24

Unemployed Man Dies in Police Custody in America after being Arrested for Not Paying his Medical Bills

AnonHQ · Utah man dies in police custody after being jailed for $2,400 unpaid medical bill. · February 24

Ahead of Senate’s H-1B hearing, a look at the early warnings

Computerworld · The Senate immigration subcommittee is holding a hearing tomorrow to consider the effects of the H-1B visa program on high-skilled American workers. At a time when Republicans are raising hell about immigration, they love the H-1B visa program (which allows American corporations to bring in skilled foreign workers) because their corporate patrons use it to keep down the wages of skilled American workers. I wasn’t asked to testify at tomorrow’s hearing, but if I were I’d tell the Senators exactly what I told them more than 20 years ago: The H-1B program is undercutting the wages of skilled U.S. workers. It was conceived as a means of helping companies get workers with skills unavailable in the United States, but it’s been abused by corporations that simply don’t want to pay higher wages to skilled Americans. As I pointed out then, some American corporations even go so far as to require their skilled U.S. workers to train their foreign replacements, and then fire the U.S. workers. The program has become a sham. In my view, there’s no reason for it. What do you think? · February 24

Why reporting on health and science is a good way to lose friends and alienate people

Vox · “I’m often giving people mundane evidence when all they want is magical cures and quick fixes.” · February 23
Saved from Vox‘s post

Article: Won’t Leftists Profit from Berniacs’ Desperation?

OpEdNews · Bernie Sanders has had shocking success in rising from relative unknown to contender status. But given the staggering initial odds against him, he may have simply run out of time in his efforts to educate voters in the night-and-day difference between his revolution and Clinton’s money-corrupted foot-dragging. Uniting ‘Berniacs’ and Sanders-skeptical leftists in categorically refusing Clinton may be revolution’s only hope. · February 24

Koch brothers’ D.C. guru joins Marco Rubio team

POLITICO · A deeply connected operative plunges into the establishment’s race to stop Trump. · February 23

Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages

the Guardian · RT @Snowden: @Snowden For students of history: · July 12, 2013

לא בדיוק 🙂

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Интимная жизнь в СССР

РазноGo · Посмотрите шуточное видео про интимную жизнь в СССР и шампунь Кря-Кря, и улыбнитесь вместе с нами · January 8

Reconsidering the Legacy of Bill Clinton: When the Democrats Turned Neoliberal

Buzzflash · Bill Clinton at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, 2006. (Photo: World Economic Forum / Flickr)STEVEN JONAS FOR BUZZFLASH AT TRUTHOUT T… · August 6, 2014

Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture

Medium · It’s called class difference. · February 20

митинг в защиту новой полиции идет вовсю. из тех фоточек, что видел, пока эта лучшая. в связи с этим вспомнил историю. был на Лукьяновке, на пересечении Дегтяревской и Дмитриевской, кафе-бар название которого я напрочь забыл. что-то такое цыганское. в принципе, рыгальня рыгальней, но пару раз я его посещал. хотя чаще бывал в “Спорт-баре” напротив. сейчас там пиццерия. а вместо “Спорт-бара” – “Приватбанк”. и вот как-то утром, кажется в субботу, я сидел там и завтракал разбавленным пивом и неоправданно дорогой яичницей-глазуньей. а в этом время по бару рассекал гражданин, который, видимо, то ли неудачно опохмелился, то ли просто еще не проспался. был он в черном длинном пальто, в руке держал мобильный телефон и что-то хотел от посетителей. говорить гражданин уже не мог, но пытался активно жестикулировать. вел себя в целом не агрессивно, скорее искал помощи и сетовал на судьбу. и вот в какой-то момент к нему подскочил другой гражданин, тоже пьяный, но не до такой степени, и в спортивном костюме. подскочил и дал в ухо, после чего гражданин в пальто сел на жопу и удивленно развел руками. гражданин в спортивном костюме огляделся и осознал, что они тут не одни и уже стали центром внимания всего бара. тогда он сделал успокаивающий жест руками и заявил заплетающимся голосом: “Не волнуйтесь, усё быдло выгоним з Кыйова, усё!” так вот тут очень похожая ситуация, как я понимаю.

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Bernie Sanders’ accent, explained

Bernie Sanders’ accent, explained Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO This year two major presidential candidates — Bernie Sanders and Donald Trum… · Video · YouTube

Israeli Polls: Jews want to ignore the conflict, Arabs think nothing will change | +972 Magazine

972mag.com · “In my reading of public opinion, the various findings reflect a consistent central narrative in the Israeli (Jewish) public mind: the conflict is awful, but it is primarily the Palestinians’ fault and there is nothing Israel can do to change the underlying cause.” — Dahlia Scheindlin examines recent opinion polls in Israel in this excellent analysis (her upcoming article will examine opinion polls of Palestinians in the occupied territories). · February 10

רשימה שחורה: התוכנית של יורם שפטל ברדיו היא אישור לטירוף

הארץ · בוגדנים, עוכרי ישראל, חלאות אדם, אבק אדם, מזוהמים, טינופות, סמרטוטים, רפש, … · February 10

Season 2, Episode 3: The Double Date

New episode of Yid Life Crisis. This time with Mayim Bialik as a guest star. It’s hilarious, as always. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2QlWFSakaM · Video · YouTube

A Country Breaking Down

The New York Review of Books · Elizabeth Drew: “This country has an infrastructure crisis.” · February 4

It’s Time That We End the Equal Pay Myth

Forbes · Wow! Carrie Lukas, managing director of the Independent Women’s Forum, wrote in the Forbes article that, “Feminists may protest, but American women aren’t the victims of a sexist economy. It’s time to declare an end to the Equal Pay Day myth.” Even Forbes is finally catching on, which may mean the wage lie is turning to truth. Let’s pray… or not. http://www.forbes.com/sites/realspin/2012/04/16/its-time-that-we-end-the-equal-pay-myth/#3ff842e4c526 · April 16, 2012

Why Do Young People Have Such Visceral Dislike for Hillary?

Slate Magazine · pundits who claim OCCUPY came and went without changing anything haven’t noticed that it changed America’s political discourse. It is no longer OK to waltz back and forth between government and Lehman Bros (as Kasich and Jeb did) or to collect a salary for sitting on WalMart’s Board of Directors when one brings no relevant experience. That sort of cozy relationship if wealth to power is getting more scrutiny than it has in many years. Some aspirants to the White House seem not to have noticed yet. · February 9


politicaljunkirnewsmedia.com · Ahem… · February 6

It’s Their Party | Jacobin

jacobinmag.com · It’s Their Party A generation ago, socialists and civil rights activists tried to transform the Democratic Party. Why did they fail? by Paul Heideman Illustration by Luca Yety Battaglia In 1964, there were few things that Students for a Democratic Society and Barry Goldwater agreed on. SDS was becom… · February 4

Оргия Праведников – Flores de Muertos

актуальные новости звукозаписи · Video · YouTube

How Bernie Sanders Could Lose But Still Defeat Hillary Clinton – The New Yorker

The New Yorker · Despite all of Hillary Clinton’s advantages, Bernie Sanders is making her look fragile. · February 4

American capitalism has failed us: We’re overworked, underemployed and more powerless than ever before

Salon · Denmark, Norway and Sweden are all thriving under democratic socialism. Why is it so difficult for us to embrace? · February 4

Восемь сервисов для расшифровки интервью

planetasmi.ru · Расшифровка аудиозаписи — не самая интересная, но необходимая часть работы журналиста. Современные технологии распознавания речи позволяют сэкономить несколько часов и не погрязнуть в монотонной работе. · February 4

The Gender Pay Gap is a Complete Myth

cbsnews.com · A new report reinforces the widely accepted myth of a gender pay gap. But the truth is this: when women make the same career choices as men, the pay’s the same. · November 18, 2013

Can’t Hillary Haters All Just Get Along? (Part 1)

OpEdNews · CLINTON’S GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT WILL BE UNITING THE LEFT—IN SAVAGE OPPOSITION Hillary may accomplish something leftists themselves haven’t been able to do for decades: unite and revitalize America’s political Left. How? Through savage opposition to her perverse continuation of crazy policies with no rational basis—but plenty of donor money—behind them, policies condemned by EVERY important political book of our times. Bernie thrilled me by his branding of his opponents as “the Establishment,” a description sure to fire up rebellious young voters. But, as I assert in my new OpEdNews article, he should have added the word “toxic” before Establishment—proving Hillary’s opponents are not just rebels, but rebels WITH a cause, backed by the evidence and arguments of important books Hillary supporters dare not read. Borrowing a phrase from the Qur’an, I label Hillary’s leftists opponents “People of the Book”—and urge that they unite in all-out jihad against the toxic Establishment Hillary represents. Here’s my groundbreaking call to leftist unity, first of a two-part series: · February 1

The Head Scarf and Me

The New Yorker · Американская журналистка турецкого происхождения по долгу службы постоянно мотается в Турцию, причем часто в разные турецкие мухосрански, где население консервативное и не любит всяких глупостей. Из феминистских соображений, она всюду болтается с непокрытой головой. Плюс, она не очень хорошо говорит по-турецки. Ничего плохого ей никто не делает, но все на нее смотрят, как на полное говно, отчего она сильно переживает. Но голову все-равно не покрывает. И вот в какой-то момент она посещает некую мухосранскую святыню, где ей приходится косынку все-таки надеть, а на обратном пути она забывает ее содрать. И вдруг она замечает, что все на нее смотрят совершенно по-другому, как на свою. Женщины не отводят глаз и улыбаются, а мужчины пропускают вперед и открывают двери. И тут она начинает думать, что, может быть, в этом во всем что-то и есть. Вот например она сама, одинокая девушка 34-х лет, в прошлом году вынуждена была сделать аборт и до сих пор чувствует себя от этого погано. Детей у ней нет, семьи тоже. Живет без мужика, без близких друзей. Постоянно мотается по каким-то вонючим мухосранскам, чтобы писать бессмысленную, никому не интересную хуйню. А была бы она нормальной мусульманкой, сидела бы дома с любимым мужем, с кучей детей и горя бы не знала. И вообще, как-то в этом их мусульманском мире все правильно устроено, и каждый знает свое место, и никто не парится… И в этот момент в мою голову стукает: «Уэльбек! Уэльбек-же!», и, одновременно, она в следующем абзаце начинает толково и подробно пересказывать «Submission». И именно так, как я эту книжку понял – это нормальная утопия, описывающая некий желательный шаг в человеческом развитии, хотя автор, безусловно понимает, что в целом все будет намного-намного хуже: https://www.facebook.com/boris.lokshin.9/posts/10153836905219911 И что интересно, американская эта турчанка, пересказывает Уэльбека не с мужской точки зрения, как я его для себе объяснял, а с женской. И тоже все у нее отлично складывается. Sasha Alex Guezentsvey, тебе особенно рекомендую. В конце статьи она пишет, что косынку эту она с себя все-таки сорвала из сраной какой-то гордости. Жалко всех, на самом деле. · February 1

The War on Bernie Sanders | Jacobin

jacobinmag.com · The War on Bernie Sanders The Democratic Party elite has launched a virtually unprecedented attack against Bernie Sanders. by Matt Karp Mike Mozart / Flickr Two stark facts have defined the 2016 Democratic primary since the campaign began last spring. The first is the remarkable success of self-proc… · February 1

Black Confederate Soldiers

confederatelegion.com · The article presented on this page is only one among many that could be posted!  Southern Blacks fought for the Confederacy, just as did whites, and for many of the same reasons, it was their home, their families, and their sense of honor.  The Yankee Barbarians invaded, butchered, burned, robbed an… · March 21, 2013

Борис Гаспаров: «Россия фактически не видела ХХ века» — Booknik.ru

booknik.ru · Если говорить об отражении эмиграции в современной эмигрантской прозе вроде Гарри Штейнгарда, то на первом месте — момент отчуждения и своего рода антисоветскости. Обычная реакция у сегодняшнего эмигранта, к сожалению, та же, что и в советские времена, — это реакция отторжения родины. Что за свет в окошке люди увидели в Америке с той точки зрения, с которой Россия выглядит такой ужасной? Я живу в Америке дольше, чем все эти люди, и, может быть, из-за этого мне непонятно. И я с огорчением смотрю на эту идею отторжения того, что осталось за спиной. В России я не чувствую себя дома, дома я себя чувствую в Америке. Меня раздражают многие вещи в Америке, но раздражают они именно так, как может раздражать только свое. И меня не раздражают так вещи в России именно потому, что я здесь не свой. У меня все-таки позиция стороннего наблюдателя, но, конечно, я чувствую себя вполне комфортно и по-прежнему пытаюсь наводить какие-то мосты. Я по-прежнему считаю, что Россия находится в интеллектуальной, духовной изоляции, уже не внешне накладываемой, а просто в силу инерции традиции и привычек. ·February 10, 2014

The Clintons’ sordid race game: No one will say it, but the Clintons’ rise was premised on repudiating black voters

Salon · Here’s what Bill and Hillary mean to me: Sister Souljah, welfare reform, Ricky Ray Rector and the crime bill · January 31

Quotations From Madame Hillary

http://www.counterpunch.org · Hillary Clinton says the damnedest things, some more truthful than others. Below I run through some of my favorite Hillary quotes, adding some critical commentary and a concluding refection “lesser… · January 29

Manna From Hell

Truthdig · War is hell. Unless, of course, you happen to be a global corporate peddler of rockets, drones, bombs, and all the other hellish weaponry of military conflict. · January 31

Clinton Donated $100K to New York Times Group the Same Year Paper Endorsed Her

Washington Free Beacon · A little-known private foundation controlled by Bill and Hillary Clinton donated $100,000 to the New York Times’ charitable fund in 2008, the same year the newspaper’s editorial page endorsed Clin · June 7, 2015

Statements and Releases 2016 | Kyiv, Ukraine – Embassy of the United States

ukraine.usembassy.gov · Давно ждала, когда же западных товарищей вконец достанет это соревнование ботоводов:) И очень хорошо про “Goebbels-like propaganda machine”. Кажется, это первая столь жёсткая, с прямой отсылкой к нацизму, характеристика кремлёвской пропаганды из уст официальных лиц США. Караван идёт. · January 30

#начинающая_социология_религии Идея Чаплина ввести женское священство (чин диаконисс) показывает, как страшно далек от народ этот церковный функционер. Женское священство в латентном виде существует в русском православии с давних времен. Еще Даль упоминает поговорку: “Что мужик – то вера, что ни баба – то устав”. Женщинам незачем надевать на себя специальные одежды и совершать литургические действия, когда просветлением умов прихожан занимаются исключительно они. Священники в своих проповедях ориентируются только на их уровень IQ, да и сами перенимают модели старческо-феминного поведения. Почти все нынешние священники воспитаны церковным женским коллективом. Речь и богословские представления у них чисто бабские. Даже богослужебная практика в скрытом виде представляет собой именно женскую магию. Все эти “молебны о даровании супружества”, освященные сухарики, косыночки, маслице – классический набор предметов, при помощи которых социальнно пассивное существо обычно борется с технологически усложненными проявлениями действительности. В любом храме это женское священство можно лечго обнаружить. У них жесткая внутренняя иерархия, свои знаки отличия и награды. Один из признаков такой “священницы” – это черная одежда в пол, копирующая собой подрясник. И обязательно платок того же цвета (белого, голубого, зеленого, не говоря уже о красном), что и священнические облачения в день господских или богородичных праздников. Чем длиннее одежда и чем правильнее платочек у пародийной женской иерархии, тем прямолинейнее они передвигаются по храму, предпочитая не огибать препятствия, а просто нестись на них напролом (особенно если на пути стоят молодые женщины). И во время службы они обычно не стоят на одном месте, а постоянно перемещаются по храму. Это, типа, такой контроль над верующими в доступной им форме. Мораль: для того, чтобы возродить институт диаконисс, для начала следует восстановить мужское священство!

2 Photos · 2 Photos

The Espionage Economy

Foreign Policy · My latest Foreign Policy column. The export of mass surveillance technologies by private Israeli and U.S. companies to dictators, oppressive regimes, and corrupt governments has become a major problem. Now a $5 billion industry, neither country has any intention of imposing export controls. With this NSA-grade spyware, ruthless regimes acquire the means to find and imprison dissidents attempting to fight back. There should be tough international sanctions on countries that permit this illicit trade. · January 22

Sure you can make it in Israel — if your parents help, say economists

The Times of Israel · In today’s Israel, say Taub Center researchers, hard work and talent will not provide upward mobility, with a few exceptions. New immigrants ‘need to have a plan’ · January 28

Rocking with God in Rio’s Heavy Metal Church, Metanoia – World Religion News

World Religion News · And God Said…There Will be Headbanging! ·January 26

В голоде и холоде: как бедствуют старики-репатрианты

izrus.co.il · В голоде и холоде: как бедствуют старики-репатрианты. Благотворительный Фонд Дружбы (Керен ле-едидут),… · January 27

Пенсии русскоязычных израильтян. Итоги опроса

newsru.co.il · newsru.co.il : Мы попросили участников опроса рассказать, на какие средства они планируют существовать или существуют после выхода на пенсию. Чаще прочих указывались следующие источники дохода: 1) пособия от Института национального страхования, министерства обороны или другой госструктуры – 57,6%, 2) собственная пенсия – 41%, 3) работа – 20,1%, 4) собственные сбережения – 17,9%, 5) зарплата/пенсия вашего/й супруга/и или вдовья пенсия – 12%, 6) пенсия или пособие из-за границы – 6,1%. Абсолютное большинство участников опроса (80,5%) заявили, что уровень их благосостояния после выхода на пенсию ухудшится. Подавляющее большинство опрошенных негативно оценивают уровень заботы государства Израиль о пенсионерах: 78% дали оценку от 1 до 5 по 10-балльной шкале. 76% сказали, что абсолютно согласны с мнением, что ситуация с пенсиями у русскоязычных репатриантов хуже, чем у других категорий населения. 16% согласны с таким мнением “с некоторыми оговорками”. Лишь менее 3% абсолютно не согласны с данным мнением. В целом, по итогам опроса, можно отметить высокую тревожность респондентов по поводу финансового благополучия в пенсионном возрасте, недостаточную информированность в данном вопросе и, в ряде случаев, готовность представить ситуацию хуже, чем она есть на самом деле. При этом следует признать, что реальная ситуация с пенсиями для репатриантов в Израиле выглядит удручающе. http://www.newsru.co.il/finance/07oct2015/pensii_opros_104.html George Carmel Роман Лейдерман Elen Panitkov Владимир Рабинович Nataly Aberbach · October 7, 2015
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Gypsy holocaust Auschwitz song Latcho Drom

O the black bird went into my heart and stole it. Here I live in auschtwitz here in auschtwitz I’m hungry, there isn’t a piece of bread to eat. there isn’t n… · Video · YouTube


new.oberlin.edu · ОБ ЭКСТРЕМАЛЬНЫХ ТРЕБОВАНИЯХ СТУДЕНТОВ. 14-СТРАНИЧНЫЙ ДОКУМЕНТ. За последние полгода по Америке прокатилась волна студенческих протестов, необычайно успешных. Всего за последние 3 месяца были вынуждены покинуть свои посты президент и канцлер Университета Миссури, декан по студентам колледжа Клэрмонт Маккены, один из профессоров Йельского университета, а пару дней назад – президент колледжа Итаки. Так что протесты очень результативны. Нынешнее положение – администраторы университетов до смерти напуганы ситуацией, и готовы на любые мгновенные уступки. Все протесты, насколько я знаю (я не очень за ними слежу), имеют расовую подоплеку, и недавние социологические исследования указывают на реально проблематичную ситуацию в этой области. Цитирую данные по памяти, так что за количественную точность не отвечаю, но отвечаю за суть дела. Среди черных студентов в США комфортно в университетах чувствует себя лишь четверть. А три четверти – ощущают дискомфорт. Среди белых студентов данные гораздо лучше – только четверть чувствует себя дискомфортно. Тут речь не идет о причинах этого дискомфорта, речь идет о чувствах. Едем дальше. В университетах есть бесплатные службы психологической поддержки, и 3/4 чувствующих дискомфорт белых студентов обращаются в эти службы. А среди чувствующих дискомфорт черных студентов к психологам идет лишь четверть. Вывод – черные студенты воспринимают кампус как враждебное окружение и не верят что им хотят помочь. Это факт. Факт, зафиксированный социологическими опросами. Так что совсем неудивительно, что пошли протесты, имеющие расовую подоплеку. Теперь, ряд требований и пожеланий студентов имеют смысл, какие-то другие – нет. Что в принципе, естественно, так как студенты совершенно не представляют себе, как правило, как функционирует система высшего образования. Как и широкая публика, люди вообще многого не понимают и много глупостей могут насоветовать. Что ставит администраторов в сложнейшее положение – с одной стороны, они напуганы до смерти, хотят сохранить свои места (а из-за протестов их могут уволить в два счета). И они готовы на многое. А с другой стороны – требования студентов зачастую содержат не очень реализуемые или не очень правильные вещи. Обычно начинаются переговоры, стороны договариваются. Недавно, студенты колледжа Оберлин представили президенту колледжа Марвину Крислову 14-страничный список требований, я его поместил как ссылку в этом статусе. Этот документ стоит прочитать от начала до конца. В отличие от других университетов, требования студентов Оберлина не очень реализуемы. Среди них: избавиться от всех тюрем и от Израиля, уволить ряд белых профессоров и работников, дать постоянство ряду черных профессоров, создать в университете “зоны комфорта” для черных студентов, увеличивать квоты для черных студентов на 4% каждый год, и т.д. Президент Оберлина Крислов публично отверг список требований и в переговоры не вступил. Ответ президента “протестантам” помещаю в первый комментарий. Интересно, как будет развибаться дальше ситуация в Оберлине… А пока – прочитайте 14 страниц требований студентов. От начала до конца. · January 20

Broadland v. Richistan: We Do the Math | BillMoyers.com

BillMoyers.com · During the post World War II years, annual incomes for all Americans grew at pretty much the same rate. But in the 1970s, the incomes of the top one percent starting growing faster than everybody else’s — so much so that the share of pre-tax income received by that group grew from 9 percent (in 1979) to 19 percent (in 2007). The authors of Winner-Take-All Politics, Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson, wondered what the economic outcome would have been for the bottom and middle classes if the deregulation and tax code changes they describe in their book had not taken place. Enter your annual income in our calculator to find out how much more (or less! depending on your income) you would be earning if incomes continued to grow at the same rate for all income groups. · January 13, 2012

Ta Nehesi Coates’ Bernie Sanders Brain Fart Isn’t Even About Reparations | Black Agenda Report

blackagendareport.com · Submitted by Bruce A. Dixon on Thu, 01/21/2016 – 16:20 Share this story… Forward Print HTML Reddit ViadeoGoogle Plus OneLinkedin Share ButtonShare on FacebookTweet WidgetA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Bruce A. Dixon When favored spokesnegro Ta Nehesi Coates urgently warns us that Bernie Sander… · January 23

How Killer Mike answered Ta-Nehisi Coates on Bernie Sanders, reparations

Washington Post · The debate played out Wednesday on Twitter. ·January 21

A Confederacy of Dunces: The Democratic Establishment’s Assault on Sander’s Begins

Common Dreams · Well, it’s started. You knew it would. The Democratic establishment is going into attack mode as their anointed one – Hillary Clinton – is in danger of losing. Take a look at some of the assaults that have been launched within the last five days: Sandy Goodman, a former producer at NBC Nightly News published a piece on the Huffington Post, entitled, Voting for Sanders is Voting Republican. The fact that Bernie does better than Hillary against Republicans is an inconvenient fact Goodman ignores in this ludicrous hit piece; Paul Krugman’s column last Friday suggested that progressives voting for Sanders weren’t being “adults,” and had no idea how change occurred – in Krugman’s world, change doesn’t come from the people, apparently. It comes from party apparatchiks working with the plutocracy; Thomas Friedman, another New York Times columnist, essentially called Sanders a communist – something he knows isn’t true, but it’s a great scare tactic; President Obama said Bernie Sanders ideas haven’t been tested yet and went on to heap praise on Hillary. It wasn’t an endorsement, but it came mighty close. All of these are coming from credentialed liberals who have been staunch supporters of the Democratic Party. And therein lies the problem. The Democratic Party’s interests are no longer aligned with the people’s interests and they haven’t been for a long time. · January 26

Majstor i Margarita (ENG subs)

Я провела чудесный вечер посмотрев Итальянскую версию экранизации любимой книги. Мне не хватало деталей и некоторых сюжетных линий. Но в целом фильм оставил хорошее впечатление и доставил удовольствие. А еще, как всегда обращаясь к теме “Мастера и Маргариты”, появились новые перспективы и мысли… Например, о том, что у Итальянцев есть равная доля участия в этом произведении… ведь тут затронута так-же частичка их истории… Как то я их упустила из виду в этой связи… Ну что-же… Аве Цезарь. ·Video · YouTube

In memoriam: Richard Levins, ecologist, biomathematician, and philosopher of science

News · One of the first obits for Dick Levins appears on Harvard’s public health school site. There’s another at jacobin: jacobinmag.com · January 22

Don’t be fooled by Bernie Sanders — he’s a diehard communist

New York Post · As polls tighten and self-described socialist Bernie Sanders looks more like a serious contender than a novelty candidate for president, the liberal media elite have suddenly stopped calling him so…· January 16

Melancholy Liberalism by Adam Kirsch, City Journal Winter 2016

city-journal.org · Triumphant yet beleaguered, liberalism is oddly hard to define. Is this evidence of an intellectual tradition that has lost coherence and credibility? · January 17
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Philip Glass – The Hours [Full Album]

про музыку-2 работать сейчас получается только под это · Video ·YouTube

Prehistoric Massacre Hints at War Among Hunter-Gatherers

nytimes.com · A dig in Kenya has uncovered the remains of a slaughter from 10,000 years ago, suggesting that warfare may have existed even before humans began agriculture. · January 20

National coalition in favor of campus censorship

Washington Post · Advocacy groups (such as the American Association of University Women) ask the federal government to pressure universities to punish racially and sexually offensive online speech — and to block on-campus access to sites that host such speech. (Next stop: speech that harshly criticizes religious groups or sexual orientations.) · October 26, 2015

The Censorship of Stand-Up Comedy on College Campuses

The Atlantic · Today’s students can’t seem to take a joke. · August 7, 2015

Is Campus Censorship the New Normal? – FIRE


Ben Carson wants to censor speech on college campuses

Mother Jones · He thinks he’s found the perfect use for the Department of Education. · October 21, 2015

НУЖНО ЛИ БЫЛО БОМБИТЬ ОСВЕНЦИМ? Как руководство ишува относилось к идее бомбардировки нацистских лагерей смерти?. Представление об этом дают два документа июня и июля 1944 года. Из протокола заседания руководства Еврейского агентства 11 июня 1944 года. ГРИНБАУМ предложил, чтобы самолеты союзников нанесли бомбовый удар по лагерям смерти в Польше- Освенцим, Треблинка и т. д. ФИНКЕРТОН отметил, что в случае осуществления этой акции союзников обвинят в убийстве евреев и предложил сформулировать предложение письменно. ГРИНБАУМ со своей стороны обещал посоветоваться с другими членами руководства. Он отметил что в случае бомбардировки часть узников, в том числе евреев, безусловно погибнет, однако другие смогут бежать и спастись. В случае разрушения блоков нацисты в течение месяцев не смогут пользоваться своей техникой уничтожения. БЕН-ГУРИОН. Мы не знаем положения в Польше с абсолютной достоверностью. В силу этого мы не можем принять решения. ФИШМАН присоединяется к мнению Бен Гуриона. ШМОРК. В Освенциме находится также большой трудовой лагерь. Нам нельзя принимать ответственность за бомбардировку, способную привести к гибели хотя бы одного еврея. ЙОСЕФ. Также возражает против предложения просить американцев о бомбардировке лагерей смерти. Господин Гринбаум выступает не как частное лицо а как член руководства. Руководство не может взять на себя такую ответственность. САНТОР. Присоединяется к мнению Йосефа. Следует сожалеть что господин Гринбаум говорил об этом предложении с американским консулом. БЕН ГУРИОН резюмирует. Мнение руководства — не следует просить союзников о бомбардировке мест, где находятся евреи. Ровно через месяц, 11 июля Моше Шерток направляет меморандум министру иностранных дел Великобритании Антони Идену в котором подчеркивает, что бомбардировка Освенцима безусловно не остановит процесс уничтожения, так как нацисты смогут задействовать иные средства . Вместе с тем, такая акция будет иметь несомненный моральный эффект, поскольку покажет что союзники способны использовать ресурсы, чтобы покарать нацистов за совершаемые преступления, начать войну с механизмом уничтожения. Мнение Шертока основывалось на поступившем в распоряжение союзников отчете Врба-Вальцера об Освенциме. Тем не менее первоначальное решение руководства Сохнута осталось в силе. (Между Могендавидом и желтой звездой. Еврейский ишув в Эрец Исраэль и Катастрофа европейских евреев.Документы. Иерусалим. Яд ва Шем.2002. с.253-257)

I went to a Trump rally in my hijab. His supporters aren’t just racist caricatures | Kaddie Abdul

the Guardian · It was interesting to hear Trump and his supporters’ viewpoints for more than just the few seconds offered by most soundbites, even though I disagreed · January 13

This is the single most stunning poll number on Donald Trump I have seen

Washington Post · This is the single most stunning poll number on Donald Trump I have seen: · January 15

#вести_с_полей #эпическое Оглавление диссертации “Мифоритуальные практики в современном православии”: Глава I. Социокультурный контекст существования православного ханства § 1. «Они хранили в жизни мирной привычки милой старины» § 2. «Входит некто православный…» § 3. “Храм не строй – сироту пристрой” § 4. «В церкви три попа, да заросла к храму тропа» § 5. “Без молебна и кадила земля урожай нам уродила” Глава II. Результаты социологического опроса § 1. «Что мужик – то вера, что ни баба – то устав» § 2. «Ни богу свечка, ни черту кочерга» § 3. Православный атеист § 4. “В деревне бог живет не по углам” Глава III. Полевое исследование сакрально-богослужебного пространства § 1. «Вас здесь не стояло!» § 2. «На тебе, боже, что нам негоже!» § 3. «Татьяна верила преданьям простонародной старины» § 4. «Раз свеча, два свеча, ан и шуба с плеча» Заключение. “Кощунниц он наказывает сам. Он сходит к тем, что Бога не искали. Он не заходит в тот бетонный храм, где молятся бетонной вертикали”. (Дмитрий БЫКОВ. “Подражание Бродскому”).

Еврей не из последних // Как главный раввин Вены стал соавтором холокоста

kommersant.ru · Еще надо бы рассказать про главного раввина Салоники, которого нацисты поставили во главе общины, фамилия из головы выскочила В Израиле тоже ввели в середине 1950х закон о наказании колаборационистов, но уже в 1962 прокуратура дала негласное указание его не применять. Решили, что все – жертвы. ·January 12, 2014
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The Muslims who saved Jews from the Holocaust – BBC News

BBC News · A new exhibition aims to celebrate the role Muslims played in saving Jewish lives during the Holocaust. · February 28, 2014

Художественная аккламация

vedomosti.ru · Социолог Григорий Юдин о том, где оказались российские общественные науки · January 10

The Nation He Built

POLITICO Magazine · “It’s true that Obama failed to create the post-partisan political change he originally promised during his yes-we-can pursuit of the White House. Washington remains as hyperpartisan and broken as ever. But…What he’s done is changing the way we produce and consume energy, the way doctors and hospitals treat us, the academic standards in our schools and the long-term fiscal trajectory of the nation. Gays can now serve openly in the military, insurers can no longer deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions, credit card companies can no longer impose hidden fees and markets no longer believe the biggest banks are too big to fail. Solar energy installations are up nearly 2,000 percent, and carbon emissions have dropped even though the economy is growing. Even Republicans like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who hope to succeed Obama and undo his achievements, have been complaining on the campaign trail that he’s accomplished most of his agenda. “The change is real,” says Ron Klain, who served as Biden’s White House chief of staff, and later as Obama’s Ebola czar. “It would be nice if more people understood the change.”” · January 6

On the Issues: Income and Wealth Inequality

Bernie Sanders · There is something profoundly wrong when we have a proliferation of millionaires and billionaires at the same time as we have the highest childhood poverty rate of any developed country on earth. This campaign is sending a message to the billionaire class: “you can’t have it all.” You can’t get huge tax breaks while children in this country go hungry. http://bernie.to/OntheIssues-ChildPoverty · May 26, 2015

Oil drives our Israel policy: New government documents reveal a very different history of America and the Middle East

Salon · The protection of American oil interests has been at the heart of U.S. policies for decades · January 4

ГПИБ выложила в свободный доступ 145 сканов футуристических книг 1910-1930-х гг.

philologist.livejournal.com · Государственная публичная историческая библиотека России выложила в свободный доступ коллекцию "Русская футуристическая книга" из 145 сканов книг 1910-х – 1930-х… · August 23, 2015

Here’s What Happens When These Lesbians Touch A Penis For The First Time

The Huffington Post · For my two favorite Admins! Te Holman and Laura Barton. LMAO! · January 4

The poor fetish: commodifying working class culture | ROAR Magazine

ROAR Magazine · The false part of this statement is that it’s not poverty that has been commodified out of the blue: it’s everything. In neoliberal reality EVERYTHING is commodified and culturally appropriated. So why are we surprised that poverty is reproduced, wrapped in fancy paper and flies off the shelves right away? It’s bitterly ironical that in the world where private property rules nothing actually belongs to you: a human being has no right even for temporary ownership of any items, including his or her feelings, his or her floating identity. What is interesting about the trend is that middle class was unwittingly forced to zealously desire the life of the poor by pretending to consume like the latter do. What if in 10 years they will be paying huge amounts of money to watch their kids street raped? Or is it already happening? · December 11, 2015

The scurrilous lies written about Charlie Hebdo | Robert McLiam Wilson

the Guardian · A year after the Charlie Hebdo killings, francophone writer Robert McLiam Wilson deplores the reports in English by the ignorant for the ignorant · January 2

Wonder Woman gets back to her BDSM roots in 2016

the Guardian · A new Wonder Woman comic book by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette has had prudish reviewers complaining – but bondage is part of the character’s DNA · December 31, 2015


teonote.ru · Spooky 🙂 · January 1, 2014
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Overcoming Jewish America’s Israel fantasy | +972 Magazine

972mag.com · This is my big end-of-year analysis piece for +972. I use the controversy over Michael Oren’s attacks on Obama and on liberal American Jews as a diving board into the shifting generational attitudes toward Israel and potential ramifications. Enjoy, mes amis. · December 31, 2015

This is what happens when BDS infiltrates social causes that have nothing to do with Israel – The Jewish Thinker

Haaretz.com · The movement is successfully convincing activists that one cannot fight for women’s rights, academic freedom or against racism without acknowledging Israel’s oppression of Palestinians. This poses a problem for liberal American Jews more than anyone else. · December 29, 2015

Jewish Accounts of Muhammad and His Apostate Informants | Mizan

mizanproject.org · Jewish Accounts of Muhammad and His Apostate Informants. · December 27, 2015

Five Big Banks Plead Guilty to Rigging Currency Markets and No One Goes to Jail

The Real News Network · The five biggest banks, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and UBS, have all pleaded guilty to multiple crimes involving foreign currencies, interest rates, and collusion. The traders, according to the New York Times, had formed a, quote, an invitation-only club where the stakes were so high that newcomers were warned: mess this up, and sleep with one eye open. The pleas are expected to be heard this afternoon in federal court. Joining us now from Sag Harbor, New York to discuss all of this is James S. Henry. James is a leading economist, attorney, and investigative journalist. http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=74&jumival=13889 · May 21, 2015

The Myth of H-1B Job Creation

National Review Online · Why are many people against the government giving Americans a free college education? It’s a fact, the more educated one is the less they depend on government. You can’t say college isn’t for everyone when we have created nearly 1 million technology jobs for foreign workers because we have a shortage of educated people here. ·November 13, 2015

Verónica Schild: Feminism and Neoliberalism in Latin America. New Left Review 96, November-December 2015.

newleftreview.org · Verónica Schild tests Nancy Fraser’s hypothesis of an elective affinity between feminism and neoliberalism against the material and cultural realities of Latin America. Shifting meanings of liberationist strategies for women’s autonomy and popular pedagogy in an epoch of free-market economics and NGOization. · December 2, 2015

Perry Anderson: The House of Zion. New Left Review 96, November-December 2015.

newleftreview.org · The strongest analysis of Israel-Palestine that I’ve read in years. Biting and brutal. If it’s tl;dr, no. A must read. · December 2, 2015

The Great Republican Revolt

The Atlantic · Фрум, бывший бушевский спичрайтер, придумавший ось зла, самый умный из республиканских публицистов. Название не соответствует содержанию, но статья отличная. · December 21, 2015

Most Americans have less than $1,000 in savings

MarketWatch · Approximately 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts and 21% don’t even have a savings account. ·October 6, 2015

Donald Trump’s ‘schlonged’: A linguistic investigation

Washington Post · “Many goyim are confused by the large number of Yiddish terms,” Harvard researcher Steven Pinker said. · December 22, 2015


i.giphy.com · December 22, 2015

Edward O. Wilson’s New Take on Human Nature

Smithsonian · From 2012. I have this book. Started it and set it down a while back. But definitely needs to be revisited. “We have created a Star Wars civilization, with Stone Age emotions,” he says. “We thrash about” and are “a danger to ourselves and the rest of life.” Our conquest of earth has happened so quickly that the rest of the biosphere has not had time to adjust and our heedless destruction of species shows scant signs of abating.” · January 10, 2014

The new aspects in the relationship between the images of the Menorah and the Cross in antiquity // К вопросу о динамике взаимоотношений между образами храмового семисвечника (меноры) и креста в поздней античности

academia.edu · The new aspects in the relationship between the images of the Menorah and the Cross in antiquity. The article is devoted to the interrelation between the menorah and the cross in antiquity. During its long history the menorah acquired its manyfold · December 19, 2015

We need fewer exams and more wilderness in education

the Guardian · Instead of pumping time and money into exams, we should focus on wellbeing and encouraging children to connect with the natural world · December 17, 2015

ГПИБ | Электронная библиотека ГПИБ

elib.shpl.ru · Электронная библиотека ГПИБ России представляет собой собрание документов и материалов по отечественной и всеобщей истории. Содержит издания по генеалогии и геральдике, истории военного дела, источники по истории, этнографии и географии России. Это открытая электронная библиотека, созданная на основ… · October 24, 2013


elibrary.ru · “по результатам работы экспертного совета на данный момент отобрано 649 журналов, которые вошли в состав базы Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) на платформе Web of Science” да, интересная ситуация. Теперь смысл WoS как престижной (“западной”) инстанции исчез. И возникает бюрократическая дилемма. Если сказать, что журналы RSCI “не считаются”, то зачем было вообще заключать такой договор с WoS? · December 17, 2015

A People’s History of Churchillian Madness

http://www.counterpunch.org · Almost universally seen in Britain as purely a war against the Nazis and their UK-bound warplanes. Unlike the First World War or the wars in Indochina and Iraq, the Second World War is somewhat uni… · December 17, 2015

Prevention better than cure in Cuban healthcare system – BBC News

BBC News · this isn’t from Michael Moor, this is BBC Russian is here http://www.bbc.com/russian/society/2015/12/151213_cuba_prevention_healthcare http://www.bbc.com/news/health-35073966 ‘thanks Дмитрий Райдер · December 12, 2015
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שוב זורחת שמש 1947

“עס שיינט די זון שוין ווידער” — דאס ליד וואס חתמעט דעם פילם “מיר לעבן געבליבענע” פון נתן גראס, The song with which the film “We the survivors” (mir di lebn geblibene) by Nathan Gross, 1947. · Video ·YouTube

“Ikh bin a kleyner dreydl” (Original Yiddish Version of “I Have a Little Dreidel”)

Words: Ben Aaron (pseudonym of Mikhl Gelbart) Melody: Mikhl Gelbart Choral arrangement: Mark Zuckerman Filmed live in performance June 1, 2014 • Symphony Spa… · Video · YouTube

Kendrick Lamar – For Free? (Interlude)

This is about the biggest rapper in the world, and what are the lyrics? “Nigger” this, “nigger” that, “nigger,” the other thing. And what’s the content? Bragging, violence, money and power. Black fascism. The woman is putting down this “nigger” because he doesn’t buy her enough garbage, and then he comes back with a torrent of abuse and the refrain “this dick ain’t free.” Most disgusting shit I’ve ever heard, and this is just one of a million examples. And black students are calling Yale and Princeton racist? Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Black America has a very, very serious problem. BTW, Jews don’t call each other “kike,” not in public or private, and I’m not aware that members of other ethnic groups call each other by their worst names, either. I know that there are countless black Americans who are appalled by this filth – WHERE ARE THEY? · Video · YouTube

Prejudice of Poverty: Why Americans Hate the Poor and Worship the Rich – LA Progressive

LA Progressive · Steven Singer: If only we had a natural defense against prejudice. Racism, classism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia – we take all that in with every breath. · November 18, 2015

Weapons Industry Dumps Republicans, Backs Hillary

Alternet · Hillary the candidate that the Military Industrial Complex loves ·July 31, 2012

Food by Tony Judt

nybooks.com · Happy Thanksgiving! “Just because you grow up on bad food, it does not follow that you lack nostalgia for it,” the late Tony Judt wrote in this piece on his gastronomic youth. · April 23, 2010

How Germany is Using ‘Anti-Semitism’ to Shut Down Israel Criticism | Interview with Max Blumenthal

Abby Martin speaks with author and journalist Max Blumenthal about his recent trip to Germany and how he why he was treated like an anti-Semite for his criti… · Video · YouTube

מתחזקים. מאד

1 Photo · 1 Photo

Syrians tell of ‘insane nights’ of air strikes in Raqqa

aljazeera.com · Activists say abandoned ISIL bases hit in city suburbs with no civilians or fighters as France carries out air strikes. · November 17, 2015

How did a Judean seal end up in a 2,000-year-old Russian warrior woman’s grave? – Archaeology

Haaretz.com · The seal was found in a Sarmatian grave in Rostov from around 1 CE but it may date back to 700 BCE. · October 29, 2015

thanks dear friend David Berger

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Germany Rejects Facebook’s Real-Name Policy

Truthdig · Germany has taken on the global social media site by ruling that its real-name policy violates German citizens’ right to privacy. – 2015/07/30 · July 30, 2015
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Drink 2 Cups Of Tea A Day – Lose 5lbs In 5 Days!

gotlcdiet.com · Наша фармацевтичская индустрия не создает лекарств. Она создает клиентов. · February 5, 2015
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Pew study: Asian immigrants may overtake Hispanics

CNN · Nobody believes me, when I say, the NYC is going to be a Chinese, not Hispanic. So here the numbers. Никто не верит мне, когда я говорю, что Нью-Йорк будет китайским городом, а не латиноамериканским. Так вот цифры. · September 28, 2015
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s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com · Пятница 13….. · November 2, 2015

Claremont Dean Resigns After Suggesting Students Of Color Don’t Fit The ‘Mold’

LAist · The Dean of Students at Claremont McKenna College resigned today after student protests. · November 12, 2015

Living in America will drive you insane — literally

Salon · Data suggests the US is experiencing an epidemic of crippling mental illness. We may have only ourselves to blame · July 31, 2013

The Saudis Are Stumbling. They May Take the Middle East with Them.

The Nation · America’s leading Sunni ally is proving how easily hubris, delusion, and old-fashioned ineptitude can trump even bottomless wealth.· November 12, 2015

The New Intolerance of Student Activism

The Atlantic · Нынешние расовые волнения в американских университетах по сути своей являются зеркальным отражением более массового движения обиженных в своих чувствах российских граждан. Те же яйца, только сбоку, если приглядеться. В обоих случаях науськанная, агрессивно настроенная толпа требует от власти принятия немедленных мер по подавлению свободы слова. И в обоих случаях власть отвечает расширением бюрократического контроля. И это их сходство дает общий ключ к пониманию того, что происходит. Речь, на самом деле, идет о взаимно полезном симбиозе между властными бюрократами и активистами на местах. Бюрократы доказывают свою необходимость и получают дополнительное финансирование и поле для деятельности, активисты создают себе социальные лифты, а толпа получает выход для накопившейся внутренней агрессии. То, что сейчас происходит в Йеле, в Миссури и в Итаке на самом деле довольно страшно и разрушительно. И все это еще только начало. · November 9, 2015

Écoutez Bien, Américains! Don’t Expect Paris to Make You More Sophisticated – Wanderlust – Zócalo Public Square

Zócalo Public Square ·http://www.zocalopublicsquare.org/2015/11/10/ecoutez-bien-americains-dont-expect-paris-to-make-you-more-sophisticated/chronicles/wanderlust/· November 10, 2015

McGuinn, Hilman, Crosby and Dylan perform Mr. Tambourine Man.wmv

Watch “McGuinn, Hilman, Crosby and Dylan perform Mr. Tambourine Man” Blown away! http://buff.ly/1WKSzHm · Video · YouTube

Why the ‘hijacking’ of Israeli democracy is a myth | +972 Magazine

972mag.com · We often hear that that Israeli democracy is being ‘hijacked’ by a group of right-wing extremists. Too bad the alternatives aren’t any more appealing. Labor MK Stav Shaffir, darling of the “pro-Israel, pro-peace” crowd, recently implored… · November 8, 2015

More Than Half of Every Dollar Spent Online Goes to Amazon or Google

Daily Intelligencer · The internet has become an oligopoly. · November 6, 2015

Across the USA by Train for Just $213

dereklow.co · Turns out, you don’t need a car to see America. Traveling coast-to-coast across the United States by train is one of the world’s greatest travel experiences. Amazingly, it’s also one of the world’s greatest travel bargains… · September 21, 2015

FOCUS: Corporations Are Superior People

Reader Supported News · “All it took was adding simple arbitration clauses to contracts that most employees and consumers do not even read. Yet at stake are claims of medical malpractice, sexual harassment, hate crimes, discrimination, theft, fraud, elder abuse and wrongful death, records and interviews show. The family of a 94-year-old woman at a nursing home in Murrysville, Pa., who died from a head wound that had been left to fester, was ordered to go to arbitration. So was a woman in Jefferson, Ala., who sued Honda over injuries she said she sustained when the brakes on her car failed. When an infant was born in Tampa, Fla., with serious deformities, a lawsuit her parents brought against the obstetrician for negligence was dismissed from court because of an arbitration clause. Even a cruise ship employee who said she had been drugged, raped and left unconscious in her cabin by two crew members could not take her employer to civil court over negligence and an unsafe workplace. For companies, the allure of arbitration grew after a 2011 Supreme Court ruling cleared the way for them to use the clauses to quash class-action lawsuits. Prevented from joining together as a group in arbitration, most plaintiffs gave up entirely, records show.” · November 3, 2015

McDonald’s “New Policy” Bans Customers From Buying Food For Homeless

True Activist · Probably doesn’t want to leave his panning spot, to listen to patronizing bullshit, simply bring it to him, instead of upset the bright red family restaurant with a glaring cheap meal. · May 20, 2015

‘Huffington Post’ Employee Sucked Into Aggregation Turbine

theonion.com · “Since The Huffington Post was founded in 2005, its headquarters has consisted of two rooms: Arianna Huffington’s spacious, lav­ishly appointed office overlooking New York City, and the windowless 10,000-square-foot subterranean warehouse that houses the turbine. More than 700 low-wage workers, known as writers, clock in every day, and, dressed in their Huffington Post hard hats and coveralls, work in dark, unsafe conditions to ensure the machine runs smoothly and constantly churns out content.” · May 6, 2015

‘The German Police is Arresting Jews for Antisemitism!’

leftvoice.org · On October 21, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Angela Merkel in Berlin. There was a protest, activists were arrested. Almost routine, except a number of people arrested were Israelis and Jews. At least one was charged for anti-semitic hate speech. The following is an interview with Dror Dayan, a film student originally from Jerusalem who has lived in Berlin for ten years. · October 31, 2015

The US Spends $35 Billion In Global Economic Aid (But Where Does All This Money Really Go?) |…

zerohedge.com · The US Spends $35 Billion In Global Economic Aid (But Where Does All This Money Really Go?) · October 29, 2015

Ревизия 90-х: взгляд экономиста Сергея Гуриева

Михаил Гефтер · Вот знаете, например, с чего началась «Арабская весна»? С того, что в Египте повысились цены на хлеб. А почему? Потому что в России после пожаров 2010 года премьер-министр Путин ввел эмбарго на экспорт зерна. А Россия уже была таким важным экспортером хлеба, что это отразилось на внутренних ценах в Египте. … Я читал о том, что на первом заседании реформаторского правительства в конце 1991 года кто-то из них предложил: давайте сейчас посмотрим друг другу в глаза и скажем, что мы не собираемся сами получать от государства никаких квартир, машин и так далее. Это предложение не прошло. И это очень грустно. Я пытался у многих из тех реформаторов выяснить, как такое произошло, что почти все они стали очень состоятельными людьми. Некоторые отвечали, что было понимание, что, мол, наконец-то надо пожить нормально, мы так долго страдали при советской власти, мы заслуживаем хорошей жизни…. …То, что происходит сейчас, — во многом следствие того, что Запад в 90-е годы не сделал «план Маршалла» для России. …— Приватизация проходила с такой опаской — мол, придут иностранцы и все скупят. Это привело к тому, что все продали задешево. И это делегитимизировало приватизацию. …А что касается залоговых аукционов — то вот показания Абрамовича и Березовского в лондонском суде под присягой, где они прямо говорят: мы не допускали конкурентов к этим аукционам. …Якобы Березовский и Гусинский считали, что их «кинули» со «Связьинвестом», когда перешли от нечестного к честному. В 1996 году, после президентских выборов, правительство приняло решение, что, мол, теперь-то будем исключительно честно играть. А они считали, что все будет как раньше — и в честной борьбе проиграли конкурс по приватизации «Связьинвеста». · October 21, 2015

Former Israeli prime minister sued in US for raid on Gaza flotilla

the Guardian · Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak is being sued in the US over his country’s deadly raid of six Turkish boats trying to break Israel’s blockage of Gaza in 2010. The Turkish parents of 19-year-old Furkan Dogan, among nine killed in the raid, sued Barak in federal court in Los Angeles on 16 October. The parents’ lawyers say Barak was sued on Tuesday after giving a speech near Los Angeles. The lawyers say Barak is a war criminal and that Dogan’s family deserves justice. Dogan, a US citizen living in Turkey, was killed on 31 May 2010 along with eight other Turks when Israeli forces raided a Gaza-bound flotilla. The UN found the deaths “unacceptable.” The Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles couldn’t immediately provide a contact for Barak, who is still in the area. ·October 21, 2015

Democrats are in denial. Their party is actually in deep trouble.

Vox · President Obama’s success has made them complacent about deep structural weakness. · October 19, 2015

Meet the Right-Wing Rebels Who Overthrew John Boehner

Rolling Stone · This is what a small group of men of principles can do in American politics. This is why I prefer the Dems in opposition, fighting for their principles, and not this Soviet Style party machine, driven by the multinationals, that ‘compromises in the middle’ and let to be dragged too far to the right. Rebecca Bonanno Mocciaro · October 6, 2015
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Matt Taibbi: Hillary Clinton Must Think We’re Ignorant About How Awful the Big Banks Are

Alternet · It’s the bankers who are pulling the strings. · October 15, 2015
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Israeli president’s diagnosis — ‘Israel is a sick society’ — doesn’t go viral in the U.S.

Mondoweiss · “It is time to honestly admit that Israeli society is ill – and it is our duty to treat this disease,” Israeli president Reuven Rivlin said over the weekend, but the diagnosis has gotten no pickup … · October 22, 2014

Ордынская реконкиста или почему Россия не Орда

ORDA · СИТУАЦИЯ ОБОСРЮВАЕЦА “Ситуация обосрюваеца”, – говорил классик геополитического монтажа “больших пространств”. В связи с запуском проекта “Орда 1313” не только у старца Холмогория и просвирнинской аудитории замыкание (“запретить!”, “натравить Эстапо!”, “это дистиллят 282-й!”). Заядлые и стародавние “дружки” из проментованно-прочекищенного околомусульманского внедрища заходят на очередной (какой по счёту?) круг. Ждём от “дружков” версий о том, что: – Проект курируют карбонарии через чёрную аристократию с Островов и Шотландский обряд; – Проект курирует Израиль, “которому кое-кто продался с потрохами”; – Проект курирует силовое зло из Грозного, которое решило под себя перезагрузить “большое пространство” на случай, если Кадыр-паша всех разнесёт. – Проект курирует ЧК-Кремль. Просто потому что “все проекты курирует ЧК-Кремль”. – Проект курирует ЧК-Анкара. Потому что “орда”, “татары”, “Ататюрк”, “курды”, Петруша! Во всяком случае, осторожные прощупывания и вливы уже наблюдаются. А какие будут ваши версии, господа любезные? · October 15, 2015

Video of Palestinian stabber proves Abbas’ ‘execution’ victim still alive

The Jerusalem Post | JPost.com · А как бы хотелось всей этой шайке маньяков во главе с раисом, чтобы он был мертв! Но нет, 13-летний убийца идет на поправку за счет сионистов. Его жертва, 13-летний мальчик, в куда более тяжелом состоянии. Помолитесь за него. ·October 15, 2015

The Social Safety Net Was Constructed As A Result Of Corporate Greed

PoliticusUSA · The current attitude coming from Republicans and conservatives is, why do we even need that socialistic safety net? The answer is corporate greed. · June 15, 2013
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Tuesday Night Football | Jacobin

jacobinmag.com · Tuesday Night Football Some post-debate thoughts from Jacobin contributors. by Editors Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton during last night’s debate. NPR Last night Lincoln Chafee, Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders, and Jim Webb faced off in Las Vegas for the first official Democratic… · October 14, 2015

Palestinians ‘more isolated than at any point since 1948’

the Guardian · Mouin writes: That we are seeing this level of Palestinian protest at all is itself a minor miracle, and – voluminous reporting to the contrary notwithstanding – conclusivelydemonstrates that today’s youth is no less entrapped, and no less determined to achieve collective freedom, than earlier generations. Yet their efforts are unlikely to develop into a sustained, organised rebellion. This only partly reflects the pitiless ruthlessness of Israeli tactics. Simply put, the organisational infrastructure required to mobilise and sustain a widespread rebellion has been systematically dismantled over the past decade, primarily by the Palestinian Authority. It remains committed to security collaboration with Israel, which its leader, Mahmoud Abbas, has described as “sacred”. The chances that Israeli actions will push Abbas over the precipice are nil. Indeed, when he again cried wolf at the UN last month the sheep died of laughter. Because Abbas has systematically foreclosed upon all other options, he will remain more exercised by threats to Israeli security than the security of his own people for the remainder of his tenure. For its part, the Islamist movement Hamas remains committed to the survival of its rule in the Gaza Strip above all else. The current crisis may yet prove a catalyst for the hard work of reviving a unified, coherent and dynamic Palestinian national movement capable of conducting the struggle for Palestinian self-determination. The hard reality is that, until Palestinians overcome the domestic obstacles to their ability to rebel, they will remain incapable of successfully challenging Israel or effectively taking on those who support its policies. · October 10, 2015

People Kept Complaining This Restaurant Sucked. Surprisingly This Is What They Discovered

AnonHQ · People Kept Complaining This Restaurant Sucked. Surprisingly This Is What They Discovered http://bit.ly/1FV4fVC · October 6, 2015

Genesis of Genesis: Where did the biblical story of Creation come from? – Jewish World Features

Haaretz.com · The Bible actually has more than one creation myth, and the one you’re thinking of seems to have arisen not from ancient Israelite lore but from the central Asian steppes. · October 1, 2015


33.media.tumblr.com · Military Intelligence… · September 26, 2015

It’s sleazy, it’s totally illegal, and yet it could become the future of retirement

Washington Post · It’s hard to believe anybody ever did this to save for retirement, but they did. · September 28, 2015

As Banks Retreat, Private Equity Rushes to Buy Troubled Home Mortgages

nytimes.com · This ought to be shocking, alarming. The banksters are back foreclosing. trying to squeeze the last bits of value out of the homes and lives of people who are in tough straits. In this iteration, as reported by Matthew Goldstein, under-performing mortgages are sold to hedge funds and other private equity groups (for pennies on the dollar) by banks and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac etc. Do you think these less regulated entities will be less lawless, cruel and dishonest than the banksters? We need to drive the banks and their hedge fund co-conspirators out of this business. Move all of our money. · September 28, 2015

September 27: Anti-Yiddish Riots

Jewish Currents · A mob of several thousand Jews protested outside the Mograbi Theater in Tel Aviv on this date in 1930 against the screening of one of the first feature-length Yiddish-language talkie movies, Mayn Yidishe Mame (“My Jewish Mother”), starring Seymour Rexite.… ·September 26, 2012

Judaism and Islam – comparing the similarities between Judaism and Islam | Discover similarities…

judaism-islam.com · #DorfmanJewish #DorfmanIslam #DorfmanReligion The Qur’an actually prohibits a Jew to convert from Judaism to Islam… Q5:43 But how is it that they (Jews) come to you (Muhammad) for judgement while THEY HAVE THE TORAH, in which is the judgement of Allah ? Then they turn away, [even] after that; but those are not [in fact] believers. Here, the Qur’an clearly states that the Jews have the Torah which contains Allah’s judgments and they have no need to refer to anything else, even Muhammad for their judgments. Any Jew who refuses to adhere to the instructions found in the Torah is considered an unbeliever according to the Qur’an. That would mean that a Jew who adheres to the Torah, which they do indeed have would in fact be counted as a believer according to the Qur’an. (from Jamil ben Eliyahu) ·August 30, 2012
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The Pentagon Doesn’t Know What it Spent 8.5 Trillion Dollars on

AnonHQ · Your are a supporter of wars? Great, great. THANKS TO YOUR TAX MONEY Halliburton is making literally a ‘killing’ with US wars, millions of civilians are dying and the Pentagon has so much money, it doesn’t even know where $8.500.000.000 have gone to. · September 2, 2015

OxyContin Is Not for Kids

nytimes.com · The F.D.A.’s misguided approval of a powerful opiate for young people will make the fight against painkiller addiction even harder.· September 21, 2015

Rabin, the Last Day review – form and structure hamper Israeli PM murder story

the Guardian · Docudrama about the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin takes aim at Netanyahu, but puts stylistic cinema above propaganda ·September 17, 2015

Three Popular Psychology Studies That Didn’t Hold Up

nytimes.com · Free will and cheating. Cleanliness and morality. Loneliness and inanimate objects. Here are 3 studies that did not hold up.· August 28, 2015

Robert Reich: Harvard Business School is complicit in America’s widening inequality

Salon · Свободный рынок – это американская версия советского научного коммунизма, а Гарвард – школа партактива корпоративного капитализма. · September 16, 2014
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Alejandro Jodorowsky

Artist · Birds born in a cage think flying is a disease – Alejandro Jodorowsky · February 23, 2010

Chris Hedges on Corbyn VS Sanders: Two Different Political Animals + Hedges: US’ Ongoing Assault on Iraq Coughed Up Groups Like ISIS

Dandelion Salad · A #ChrisHedges double header. “Corbyn is the real thing; #BernieSanders certainly speaks in a populist rhetoric, but he is an unofficial member, and has been for a long time of the Democratic establishment; he sits with the Democratic caucus; he doesn’t not confront US militarism, imperialism; unlike Corbyn, he has not stood up for the rights of Palestinians.” #JeremyCorbyn · September 15, 2015

Robert Reich: What Every American Family Needs to Know About College

Alternet · With college application season almost upon us, where should aspiring college students and their parents look for advice? · September 14, 2015

Three Rich Treasury Secretaries Laugh It Up Over Income Inequality

The Huffington Post · LOL. Peasants! · September 4, 2015

Michael Moore: ‘American Exceptionalism Is the Death of Us’

Reader Supported News · ‘I love this country. I love everything about what it means. But I also embrace the other side of it, and in doing so, it’s incumbent upon me as a citizen to want to help fix it.’ Jake Coyle, Associated Press · September 14, 2015

Season 2, Episode 1: Off The Top (YidLife Crisis)

The Yid Life Crisis guys are back with a new season. Bigger, better and more Yiddish. Also, the catering looks amazing. · Video · YouTube

Know your enemy: How Arabic is taught in Israel’s Jewish high schools – Israel

Haaretz.com · Know Your Enemy: How Arabic Is Taught in Israel’s Jewish High Schools The teaching of the language has been coopted by the army’s intelligence corps, leading to teachers who don’t speak Arabic and students who study it only in the hope of foiling terrorists. Or Kashti Sep 08, 2015 6:40 AM Sesame Street in Arabic returns after 25 years, but avoids tough issues Bar-Ilan University appoints its first Arab department chair Why are Reform Jews issuing Yom Kippur messages in Arabic this year? “Students studying Arabic … We need your help in foiling a terror attack about which we have received numerous alerts.” This is how a lesson taught by soldiers to junior high school students begins. The goal of the activity — which is part of larger joint program of the Israel Defense Forces Intelligence Corps and Israel’s Education Ministry — is motivate students to “learn and understand the importance of the Arabic language.” The method chosen to convince students to study Arabic is a series of threats and fear mongering. The imaginary terror attack is meant to take place in the students’ own school, apparently in order to make the experience even more powerful. “For years the educational system has focused on training ‘intelligence fodder’ for the IDF,” says Prof. Reuven Snir, Dean of Humanities at the University of Haifa and a professor of Arabic language and literature. This lesson plan, from August 2012, was written by instructors a unit called TELEM — a Hebrew acronym for “fostering Arabic and Middle Eastern studies,” — which is part of the IDF’s elite 8200 intelligence unit, and operates in schools. The lesson plans say it is intended for eighth and ninth grade students, but elsewhere it states it may also be used for seventh grade. During the lesson the students must complete four tasks: The first is discovering the location of the terror attack through a crossword puzzle. The second is obtaining information on the terrorist (“who has a mustache, black hair and is serious looking”). Their third task is to decipher a conversation in Arabic about the transfer of weapons; and finally the fourth is uncovering the timing of the attack. If the students succeed in translating the sentence in Arabic, then “it is possible to say that because they knew Arabic they saved a great number of students in their school,” suggests the lesson plan, which ends with these words: “The Arabic language is essential for existence and coexistence in the State of Israel.” This lesson plan is the clear result of the subjugation of Arabic studies to military needs, along with the increasingly tight relationship between the educational system and the IDF. Lesson 1: The assassination of Abu Jihad The classes TELEM offers to students in higher grades continue to focus on dangers. For example, the activities for the 9th grade include an “experiential lesson” about the threat of tunnels (from Gaza) and a fascinating battle story about “the assassination of Abu Jihad,” (the Palestinian co founder of Fatah, who was assassinated by Israeli commandos in 1988). Students can also elect to learn about the assassination of Yihya Ayyash (a Palestinian bomb maker). In the 11th grade they can study “the impact of Islamic thought on the activities of ISIS and Hamas,” while in 12th grade they can choose one of two options: the assassination of Hezbollah leader Abbas Musawi or a lesson on “the expansion of jihadi violence in Europe.” Another lesson, which “is to be taught only on Holocaust Day”, is about the contribution of the Military Intelligence to the capture Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann. Military roots This military-educational collaboration is not something new. A recent study by Dr. Yonatan Mendel, a researcher at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, exposes the roots of cooperation between the security system and the education system in Israel, in the field of Arabic language studies for Jewish students. Using documents from several archives in Israel Mendel highlights how, for example, in 1956 the Prime Minister’s adviser on Arab affairs, Shmuel Divon, wrote to the Israeli Chief of Intelligence, Jehoshaphat Harkavi, a letter titled “Recruiting Graduates of the Oriental Class.” The letter states that “we need to ensure the development of cadres that will fulfill roles in Arab affairs… a task that requires adapting the education system to these new special needs.” Eight years later, a letter sent from Military Intelligence to the national committee of teachers of Arabic, noted that “in light of increased demands of IDF Chief of Intelligence a series of meetings were set between the Military Intelligence and the Ministry of Education to encourage the study of Arabic.” Another letter, from 1976, refers to a regular “coordination meeting” between the head of military intelligence, General Shlomo Gazit, and the Minister of Education, Aharon Yadlin. Among other findings, Mendel’s study found that the TELEM Unit was established after the Yom Kippur War, and was one decision among many, made by Military Intelligence regarding the study of Arabic in schools. It seems that not a whole lot has changed since then, even if in recent years the Military Intelligence’s involvement in Arabic studies has moved back behind the scenes. A veteran Arabic teacher who did not want to be mentioned by name, says that “The lessons of TELEM bring to the classroom cute and articulate soldiers, but they obviously have a completely military agenda… they come in uniform, and the kids are fascinated. Not only does the Ministry of Education not fight this, but it invites them into the classes. I know that some teachers think it is a natural connection, but some find this militarization to be disruptive, but they are very careful not to voice criticism. Perhaps the Ministry of Education is afraid that without the army no one would want to study Arabic.” Another person, who is very familiar with the teaching of Arabic in Jewish schools, says that “because of excessive patriotism, Iran, Iraq and ISIS all look the same in Israel. The Ministry of Education should balance this security-oriented outlook, but that rarely happens.” The TELEM Unit also operates the Gadna Middle East Youth Battalions — a semi-military activity in which students are sent for four days to Military Intelligence “to encourage them to broaden their Arabic studies.” This is mentioned in a brochure which was recently sent to all Arabic teachers. In the last school year, 3,388 students from 128 schools attended this program. The TELEM Unit also operates the seminar entitled “Intelligence on the Horizon” intended for 11th graders, special conferences for 12th graders, the “national Arabic quiz,” for high school students, and more. It seems that the Ministry of Education prefers to hide its close collaboration with the military. “The goal of teaching Arabic in Israel is to familiarize the students with the culture, language, heritage and history of the Arab people,” said Sigalit Shoshan, the current Supervisor of Arabic Language Studies in Jewish Schools. She said that last year at a meeting of the Knesset Education Committee. When the chairman of the committee, MK Amram Mitzna, said that he believes Arabic studies should not only be used as part of the “military preparation” framework, the head of the Ministry of Education’s Arabic subject committee, Prof. Eliezer Schlossberg from Bar–Ilan University corrected him, insisting that “the days in which the education system was used as a stage for preparation for the IDF has passed.” Interestingly, just a few months earlier, the same Prof. Schlossberg noted that if the Ministry of Education was to stop teaching Arabic in the 10th grade (a decision made by previous the minister of education, Shai Piron) this would mean first and foremost, “harm to Israeli national security.” Dr. Mendel’s research, completed for his doctorate at Cambridge University and soon to be released as a book (in Hebrew) called “The Creation of Israeli Arabic,” concludes that the teaching of Arabic in Israel does not connect the learners to the native speakers of the language, but just the opposite — it distances one from the other, in sharp contrast to most case studies of learning a second or third language. Mendel traces the roots of Arabic instruction in Israel to the 1950s when it was established as a joint initiative of the training division of the IDF Intelligence Corps and the Military Government, together with the Prime Minister Office, especially the Bureau of the Advisor on Arab Affairs, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to Mendel, “strikingly, the Ministry of Education was the least important body in establishing the Oriental Classes, and was only CCed to messages sent by the Adviser on Arab Affairs.” Mendel highlights that this is how the field of Arabic studies was shaped in Israel, “as a field in which the Arab is a foreigner, and in which the Military Intelligence people are seen as natural partners.” No Arabs teaching Arabic This, he proposes, may explain the striking absence of Arab teachers in the field of Arabic studies in the Jewish school system, as well as the absence for decades of a single Arab member in the Arabic subject committee in the Ministry of Education. “At the end of the day, this field was shaped and operated as a closed system in which ex-intelligence soldiers taught the next generation of Israeli Military Intelligence,” says Mendel. Dr. Basilios Bawardi, who teaches at Bar–Ilan University and at Oranim College, is the only Arab member — out of 15 — in the Israeli subject committee of the Ministry of Education. “I am not a Zionist,” says Bawardi, “but I do not mind if students of Arabic go on to Military Intelligence, because ultimately this can serve other purposes.” The Ministry of Education employs 1,317 Arabic teachers, but only 167 (12%) of them Arabs. This rate does not include the teachers employed by “The Abraham Fund Initiatives,” which operates the program “Ya Salam” in nearly 190 elementary schools. “For decades the Education Ministry prefers that Jewish teachers teach Arabic,” says Amnon Be’eri-Sulitzeanu, associate director of the organization, “and we are trying to offer a new outlook.” According to him, “It is difficult to explain why the minister of education would prefer to hire teachers who are not fluent in Arabic while there are so many Arabic teachers in Israel from the Arab community… and I guess the only explanation to this is the military motives and role in the teaching Arabic, which means that Arab teachers can not be part of the game.” Teachers who can’t speak the language According to a person who is very familiar with the subject, the ability to speak Arabic is almost never part of the Arabic studies curriculum. This should not be a surprise, because, strikingly, many of the teachers of Arabic do not know how to speak it, relate several sources. “I am not sure that even 10 percent of Arabic teachers in Israel are able to speak freely and lead a lesson in Arabic,” says one senior figure. Perhaps, not surprisingly, Arabic is one of the least popular subjects in Israeli high schools, with only a negligible minority of 3.% percent taking the matriculation exams. According to Mendel, “the main reason for the ongoing failure of Arabic studies is the way the security concept and involvement were cemented into the system, which has shaped the way the Arabic is taught in Israel and the way Arabic teaching personnel are trained.” He calls for a wideranging revolution in the teaching of Arabic in Jewish schools. “We will have to make Arabic a civil language, not a security-defense language…and free ourselves from the norms that has determined the direction of study up until now.” The Education Ministry said in response that the military is not involved in formulating the curriculum in Arabic. Yet according to various sources, even if Arabic committee members don’t meeting regularly with representatives of the Ministry of Defense, the damage has already been done as the method of teaching Arabic has become institutionalized, with a military focus. “I spent years in both systems of Arabic”, says Snir, dean of humanities at the University of Haifa, “in ‘know your enemy’ and in ‘know your neighbor’… and the difference between them is huge. The sums and seriousness invested in the first type of Arabic to ‘know your enemy’ are dramatically higher. In fact, the government had never had an interest in developing the second type of Arabic to get to ‘know your neighbor’. “There is a Gordian knot between Military Intelligence and the teaching of Arabic in Israel,” continues Snir, “and this knot has damaged the study of Arabic and its status. It is very difficult to see how we can change the direction of the ship.” · September 7, 2015

Old Klezmer Tune: Bublitschki – Ziggy Elman’s Orch., 1938

Old Klezmer Tune – Bubliczki! · Video · YouTube

Why We Should Fear University, Inc.

nytimes.com · Against the corporate taming of the American college. ·September 9, 2015

Каплиця пам’яті загиблих українців

pl-ua.info · Каплицю на місці спаленої греко-католицької церкви побудовано в Піскоровичах неподалік Лежайська. Це – пам’ять 160 загиблим українцяв в 1945 році від рук партизанки · September 9, 2015

ОНФ подверг критике систему здравоохранения в России

РБК · Это стандартная ситуация с исполнением указов и распоряжений президента и распоряжений правительства. “Вертикаль” в действии. · September 6, 2015

Kim Davis Supporters Rally In Front Of Detention Center

NPR.org · “Bible-believing Christians, we don’t check our conscience at the door when we leave home,” said one of the demonstrators, who drove over two hours to get to the protest. “If you’re a true believer in Jesus Christ, that belief system will carry through 24/7.” · September 5, 2015
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What’s the Point of College?

The New Yorker · We think sending more people to college will revitalize the economy. What if it just creates a lot of bookish baristas? · August 31, 2015

Against Charity | Jacobin

jacobinmag.com · Against Charity Rather than creating an individualized “culture of giving,” we should be challenging capitalism’s institutionalized taking. by Mathew Snow Angelina Jolie visits refugees in 2012. UNHCR / Flickr The new issue of Jacobin, centering on development and the Global South, is out now. To ce… · August 25, 2015

The Sanders Trap | Jacobin

jacobinmag.com · A worthwhile article. · May 30, 2015

Who’s Fighting Free Speech?

The New Yorker · Между словесным харасментом в онлайн и паническими требованияями политичееской корректности уже непонятно кто кого цензурирует, и кто борется за свободу слова ·August 3, 2015
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Product/Service · The clever new way to transfer money between countries. From the people who built Skype & PayPal. Join the revolution at transferwise.com/f-b · April 21, 2015

The Right Dose of Exercise for the Aging Brain

Well · A little exercise may improve our ability to think as we age, but more may not be better, a new study says. · August 12, 2015

How libraries became the front line of America’s homelessness crisis

Washington Post · They are destinations “for people who have no place to go.” · August 19, 2015

The Many Lives of François Mitterrand | Jacobin

jacobinmag.com · Jonah Birch’s terrific piece in Jacobin Magazine, (which just gets better and better): great on what to expect from Social Democrats in power with lots of lessons for today. But I have a problem with this statement Jonah: “While the Communists had traditionally represented the most militant wing of the French labor movement, in the aftermath of May 1968 that was no longer necessarily the case.” In the aftermath?? During May 1968 itself the CP did everything it could to defeat the allied student-worker movement. · August 19, 2015

Family Leave: A Luxury for a Few American Women

Only 13 percent of U.S. workers have access to paid family leave through their employers. And nearly one in four American women take less than two weeks off work after giving birth.  · Link

Russian Ark (Action, Russia, 2013) FULL MOVIE English subtitles

An amazing movie, over one and a half hours long, Amazingly, and notably, it is all one shot. The first time I saw it I was mesmerized. You may,too. Fortunately, English-language captions are on this link: · Video ·YouTube

Vacation-Shaming: Why Americans Aren’t Taking Time Off

Вот государство для всех граждан, где политики идентификации вытеснили социальную справедливость. Здесь не только отмерло понятие общего выходного дня, но и отпуск брать как-то стыдно. ·Link
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Amazon ‘regime’ making British staff physically and mentally ill, says union

the Guardian · Давайте криминализируем клиентов Амазона и других подобных корпораций. Кто-то рассуждает, что труд в секс индустрии сильно отличается от других видов труда при капиталистической эксплуатации, А по сути, то в Англии хотя бы есть профсоюзы, чтобы это сказать, а в Америке профсоюзов нету, а да и в Израиле все расовые, гендерные, и другие политики резко анти-профсоюзные, за отмену обязательных дней отдыха, и другие анти-социальные меры, Лишь бы потреблять. Бабло у них побеждает зло · August 18, 2015
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Why Public Transportation Is So Limited in the United States

Truthout · Is the public transportation system in the US really as bad as everyone says? And if so, why? Daniel Faris takes a look at the state of public bus and railway systems in the United States. · August 17, 2015

Donald Trump’s surprisingly savvy analysis of American politics

Washington Post · He’s largely right. · August 16, 2015

Labor shortage? Have you tried paying more?

Mother Jones · A huge thanks to everyone who pitched in during our unorthodox December fundraiser—we surpassed our goal and are grateful for the MoJo community. · August 13, 2015

The crippling problem restaurant-goers haven’t noticed but chefs are freaking out about

Washington Post · Behind the swinging doors of restaurant kitchens across the country, something is happening that most people don’t know about but should. · August 12, 2015

The slow death of purposeless walking – BBC News

BBC News · A number of recent books have lauded the connection between walking and thinking. But are people losing their love of the purposeless walk? · May 1, 2014

The real reason American public transportation is such a disaster

Vox · Canada has twice as much transit as the US. Why? · August 10, 2015
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Germany made €100bn profit on Greek crisis – study

rt.com · Greece’s biggest creditor Germany has made a huge profit on the country’s debt crisis over the last 5 years as it saved through lower interest payments on funds borrowed amid investor “flights to safety.” ·August 10, 2015

Changing Education Paradigms

This RSA Animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA’s Benj… · Video · YouTube

This is genius!!!

Gilad Atzmon · The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Middle Of The Park · August 6, 2015

What now? | Adbusters

adbusters.org · The capitalist algorithm is humming away at great speed. Mega-corporations are in control. https://www.adbusters.org/magazine/120/what-now.html · August 6, 2015

The progressive ideas behind the lack of free speech on campus

Washington Post · Попытки никого и никогда не обидеть ведут к авторитаризму. #гармонисты thanks Arieh Lebowitz · February 20, 2015
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The Problem With Netanyahu’s Response to Jewish Terror

The Forward · Another ball-buster of an article by the Forward’s J.J. Goldberg. · August 4, 2015

Yiddish New York – Celebrating Yiddish Music, Language, and Culture on the Lower East Side!

yiddishnewyork.com · Celebrating Yiddish Music, Language, and Culture on the Lower East Side! · August 4, 2015

The Practical Choice: Not American Capitalism or “Welfare State Socialism” but an Economy That’s Working for a Few or Many

Robert Reich · The real choice isn’t between capitalism or socialism or any other kind of “ism.” It’s between an economy that works for the many, or the few. Economies are based on rules. Those rules are created by legislators, judges, and administrators. The underlying question is whether those public officials are acting for the benefit of the broad public or for benefit of the moneyed interests. · May 20, 2014

Banks Rejected Three Out of Four Requests for Loan Modifications Under Vaunted Obama Program

Truthdig · “Treasury’s loan modification program had problems. Among them were two design flaws: making the program voluntary for the banks and letting those banks that participated run the process on their own.” ·August 1, 2015

Losing the fight | Adbusters

adbusters.org · From the left I hear nothing but fear and panic regarding the health and future of democracy in this country. We are losing the fight. Look at the success of the right wing. They have ruined education in this country to the point that well over half the population believes in angels and Satan, eagerly voting for whoever the TV tells them to… https://www.adbusters.org/magazine/120/losing-fight.html · July 30, 2015


news.nana10.co.il · מריו סביו: מתנחלים חובשי טלית זורקים אבנים על אזרחים, ומשום מה מתנחלים חובשי טלית זורקים אבנים על אזרחים, ומשום מה הצבא לא יורה בהם אלא דווקא מגן עליהם. מדינה שמגינה על טרוריסטים היא מדינת טרור בעצמה, וכך יש להתייחס אליה.הצבא לא יורה בהם אלא דווקא מגן עליהם. מדינה שמגינה על טרוריסטים היא מדינת טרור בעצמה, וכך יש להתייחס אליה. · August 1, 2015

Perry Anderson: Incommensurate Russia. New Left Review 94, July-August 2015.

newleftreview.org · Looking forward to reading this: Perry Anderson on Russia. His insights on Italy were always superb and surely this essay too will be an essential read. · July 31, 2015

The Trouble with “White People” – The New Yorker

The New Yorker · MTV’s new short documentary is filled with so-called teachable moments, but can it come to a solution? · July 30, 2015

Revised AP history standards will push ‘American exceptionalism’

the Guardian · Conservatives in America were furious that the advanced placement US history exam wasn’t patriotic enough. · July 30, 2015

Wealth doesn’t trickle down – it just floods offshore, research reveals

the Guardian · Hoarders doing harm · July 30, 2013

The Islamic State through the looking-glass

The Arabist · I meant to post this ages ago, but somehow forgot. Definitive piece that explains the political circumstances that led to the genesis and appeal of ISIS. If you read it, you will be smarter. · March 3, 2015

Happy Birthday, Aldous Huxley: A Rare, Prophetic 1958 Interview

The Atlantic · The eerie foreshadowing to some of the author’s musings from 54 years ago. · July 26, 2012

The Anti-Media

Created by: The Anti-Media · Media/News/Publishing in Chula Vista, California · 2,472 miles

A bad deal? Diplomacy saves Israel from taking military action against Iran | +972 Magazine

972mag.com · Ran Greenstein: Shmuel Meir has been the best Israeli analyst of the Iran nuclear issue and his article makes for essential reading. But, this will not affect Netanyahu’s course of collision with the administration. He is not motivated by fears of Iranian nuclear weapons but by fear of Iran’s emergence as a prime regional partner for the US, displacing the Israel/Sunni moderate axis. Additionally, the fight in Congress will serve to cement the Likud/Republican alliance, portray Democrats as unreliable allies and therefore not worthy of Jewish votes (and money), and entrench Netanyahu’s position internally as the ultimate protector of Israelis from a threatening nuclear Iran. If the US and Israel become isolated from the rest of the world, and the EU, Russia and China go ahead with the removal of sanctions, it will consolidate the pariah-state status of both countries: Obama will be the greatest loser and Republicans will retain the dream of American exceptionalism. It might also make Clinton more cautious in following Obama’s agenda of normalization of US foreign policy. If Obama wins, Israel will claim a huge package in compensation and bide its time until the next elections, with the hope for a Republican comeback. · July 22, 2015

12 reasons to worry about our criminal justice system, from a prominent conservative federal judge

Washington Post · Straight talk about the weaknesses in our criminal justice system (this is a system?) from a fairly conservative, appellate judge. Via Innocence Project and Eugene Volokh. · July 14, 2015

OPINION: The US military’s trillion-dollar boondoggle

america.aljazeera.com · Opinion: “If the Pentagon were held to the same standards as the Post Office, the chorus of disgruntled conservatives would have long ago hit a crescendo.” http://alj.am/h48m · July 20, 2015

There have been 204 mass shootings — and 204 days — in 2015 so far

Washington Post · The headlines all start to sound the same. · July 24, 2015

Немецкий маковый творожник, который завоевал миллионы поклонников благодаря легкости…

uarp.org · Немецкий маковый творожник — это невероятно вкусный десерт, который стоит попробовать хотя бы раз в жизни. Во-первых, такие ингредиенты, как творог и мак, очень полезны для организма. Во-вторых, творожник готовится настолько просто, что даже начинающая хозяйка может удивить им своего любимого челове… ·July 19, 2015

The Rise of Neoliberal Feminism

academia.edu · In this paper, I argue that we are currently witnessing the emergence of neoliberal feminism in the USA, which is most clearly articulated in two highly publicized and widely read feminist manifestos’: Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In (a New York · January 18, 2015

Why Wages Won’t Rise

Robert Reich · If you want the real story about why wages aren’t rising, read below. · January 13, 2015

Chris Hedges on Bernie Sanders and the Corporate Democrats

http://www.counterpunch.org · Hedges nails the Sanders agenda! Take note, you Berniephiles who think he’s the alternative to the same old… · July 15, 2015

No, billionaires don’t drive economic growth – and crony billionaires strangle it | Jan Svejnar

the Guardian · “Americans, in particular, have been taught to think that billionaires have a positive effect on the economy. Why? Because they are “exceptional” people who have proved that they can accomplish great things. The key finding that, on average, they have an insignificant effect on growth prospects, even in the case of the politically unconnected, represents a huge negative surprise for supporters of the billionaire class.” · July 15, 2015

Op-Ed: Where Have All the Butches Gone?

SheWired · “Maybe that’s why lesbians feel we’ve lost them: because we believed they were ours.” – on lesbians, trans-men, feeling of betrayal and where have all the butches gone. Lovely piece and one of the best I read on this topic, although I am not entirely satisfied. · September 5, 2013

Did Wall Street enable the Greek debt crisis? | Al Jazeera America

america.aljazeera.com · тут говорили про роль Голдман Сакс в греческом кризисе. вот материал · July 14, 2015
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The NYRB Is Rewriting Tony Judt’s Stance on Israel

thenation.com · Judt called for a just resolution to the conflict, not the preservation of a “Jewish State.” · July 14, 2015

Eric Holder, Wall Street Double Agent, Comes in From the Cold

Rolling Stone · Eric Holder denied there was anything weird about returning to one of Wall Street’s favorite defense firms after six years of letting one banker after another skate on monstrous cases of fraud, tax evasion, market manipulation, money laundering, bribery and other offenses. – Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone #JailTheBankers “Champion of civil rights” ah?! · July 8, 2015
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Live The Life You Deserve and Just Start Shoplifting

Reductress · Have you spent your whole life living within your means and dutifully obeying laws? Are you irritated by waiting in line? Do you sometimes wish you had more stuff? These aren’t just little annoyances to be brushed aside—they’re trapped voices inside you that need to be set free. It’s time to start saying NO to saving and working and YES to living the life you deserve. It’s time to start shoplifting. Americans everywhere are discovering the emotional, physical and spiritual benefits of getting everything they need for free.   It’s not just about saving money; it’s about saving you. The psychological health benefits of leaving a Walmart with free Snickers AND luxurious scented oils will leave your dopamine levels soaring and your sense of self-worth skyrocketing. Hey, who’s that girl bouncing around like she’s got everything? Why, it’s the girl who does have everything—because she steals it! And you should, too. Your soul demands free paper towels for a more meaningful life. If you think that focusing on yourself is selfish, bear in mind that a happier you makes a happier world, if not a happier economy. As Marianne Williamson said while shoplifting birthday cards from Rite Aid, “Your playing small does not serve the world.” Get out there and play big! Your joy matters!   Shoplifting is a natural antidepressant. “Before I started stealing snow globes from the Hallmark store, I was a mess,” says schoolteacher Joy Bunson. “The Prozac I was on made me overweight, cranky, and tired all the time. Now that I have a small hoard of snow globes, I feel balanced. Plus, all that running from mall security keeps me in great shape!”     If paying too much for stuff makes you depressed, the most natural, effective, and soulful medicine is an entire Burt’s Bees display in your bedroom.   You’re never too old or too established to start over as a shoplifter. You may think you can’t engage in petty theft because of your age or social position. Maybe you’ve even said to yourself, I could never shoplift. That’s for young people. Well, think again. Abigail Smith, a retired investment banker, tells us all about her powerful transition from high-ranking workaholic to carefree, life-loving nomad. She has shoplifted from every major retailer this side of the equator, so you know she’s an expert! Here’s what she has to say for women who are hesitant about making the leap to a life of petty theft:   I used to think that I wasn’t getting anything I wanted in my life because I didn’t deserve it. I would pass by high-end towels at Target without even thinking about stealing them. Then one day when I was buying 5-for-$25 panties in Victoria’s Secret, I saw a 17-year-old girl steal eyeliner from the makeup bar. That was my “a-ha!” moment. Before I knew it, I had marched back to Target. I stole four towels that day and have never looked back. I’ve been a proud shoplifter for ten years and I’ve never felt more calm, loving, and spiritual. By allowing myself to receive what I need, I fill my soul location with all the luxury linens it takes to feel empowered.   If Abigail can do it, so can you. Have courage! Trust that the universe has a plan for you—a plan that involves big coats!   You can cross over into a new spirit realm and receive the benefits of a carefree, cash-free lifestyle. It’s important to honor this great and costly earth with your joy, so go ahead, take that lip liner, horse lamp, or ceramic hair straightener. Paying for shit is for people who don’t honor their creation. Now is your time! Ignite your soul with the blaze of a thousand space heaters! · July 10, 2015

‘The Unraveling,’ by Emma Sky

nytimes.com · “Throughout the months, and then years, that Sky spent in Iraq, she was amazed at the naïveté she encountered among the Americans. “When I arrived, one of the questions put to me was ‘What do we need to do to be loved?’ ” Sky writes. “I told them that people who invaded other people’s countries, and killed people who were no threat to them, would never be loved.”” · July 8, 2015

Русские князья и языческие восстания

Российская газета · Гипотеза о быстрой и безболезненной христианизации Руси сейчас уже отвергнута большинством отечественных ученых. По их мнению, смена господствующей религии в восточнославянских землях представляла собой сложный процесс, растянувшийся на столетия. Тем не менее и в наше время некоторые исследователи п… · July 9, 2015

Jimmy Carter, His Legacy and a Rabbit

nytimes.com · At a time when “principled politicians” sometimes seem a null set, it’s remarkable how often Jimmy Carter showed spine, Nicholas Kristof writes in The New York Times Opinion. · July 9, 2015

Open Letter to anti-Greek Eastern European bloc | News

sigmalive.com · Sigmalive expert Dr.Zoltan Pogatsa believes that the Eurozone states of the former Eastern bloc have been duped by the major powers into firmly opposing… · July 8, 2015

4 Reasons Why Sheldon Adelson Anti-BDS Campaign Will Backfire – National

The Forward · A new effort to counter BDS on campus will only reinforce a narrative of With Us or Against Us, driving away students who love Israel but have legitimate criticism, writes Jay Michaelson. · July 6, 2015